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Beefly: spiderman arkham city
Raginroxas: @Gengar Metroid Prime 4 Hype! Its been too long!@Kaneki I do agree that PS4's conference was probably the weakest this year. Hard for them to top the year they announced KH3, FF15,FF7 remake, and the ps4 pro thou lol.@ramenfenrir Yea its what ive wanted all along! A new monster hunter in a up to date engine!@Beefly It does look pretty interesting but, I wasn't a fan of all the QTE's. Hopefully it toned down in the release.
YvonneStrahovski, MargaretAtwood, JosephFiennes, AlexisBledel, AmandaBrugel The Handmaid’s Tale Trailer (Official) • The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu - Youtube
syrup: @rtyu Yeah, definitely dystopian with a sexual component. Though to be fair it's more of a futuristic component, which imo, didn't need to be shown, but I guess people expect it now so they had to throw it in. Or maybe it gets the difficulty of the situation across better. Needless to say you're not far off the mark.What are you into show-wise?
Rtyu: @syrup I'm into modern setting adventure and fantasy types mostly. So I've been watching shows like Legion, The Magicians, American Gods (really weird, though), and anime. There are some other random shows I may get into outside of that if the characters are interesting enough. It's hard to say what I'll like, but stuff with philosophical or psychological undertones can pull me in I guess. Like in a slice of life when the main character's world view changes or something.
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layout has been updated! I thought I'd explain my reasons for doing so. ... more
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benevolentia: What is the difference besides content now seeming to have a max-width & my navigation side-bar being stuck to it? I mean, I can sort of see something has changed, but I struggle to pin-point exactly what without a side-by-side comparison HAHA.
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