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finally started the series "is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon" and mMMBOY I LOVE BELL AND HESTIA THEY'RE BOTH ADORABLE
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syrup: Not familiar with this but love the art!
HawtNoodle: Yah, I liked this series it kinda reminds me off konosuba and RE:Zero
Helpingly: I found it to be ok. Not a big fan of the harem anime but I found this one to be quite fun to watch.
What's everyone playing and watching this weekend?
EternalMemory: Revelation Online. I will hardcore it out when OBT comes out. I did a lot of planning and I now have an idea of what to do! (until 54 atleast!)
privateereck: Trying to go for lunar dews on Maplestory.
syrup: Nice! Sounds like you've all done some serious planning!
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Watching first 17 minutes of Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch in gorgeous 1080p60 HD. Oh boy, at times nostalgic to see something similar and yet freshly vast. I wonder how much game time this will take? How much exploration can you really do? How many secrets can be found? I can't wait. It looks beautiful.
First 17 Minutes on Nintendo Switch - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Youtube
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syrup: awesome! Reminds me a bit of Wind Waker. Loves it.
FriedClams: While you wait for the game to be released, enjoy some fish tacos!
What's everyone playing / watching this weekend? I binged first two seasons of Rectify on netflix. Dark, heavy and brooding. I keep seeing Black Mirror come up as a recommendation but I don't have the courage to watch it. ๐Ÿ˜‚
random87: I'm not currently watching any series, maybe I'll start watching Super Natural, but I can't quite get into it.I was planning to re-watch The Rock, but it's getting sort of late and the movie is 2+ hours long.I'll probably just go to sleep.
FriedClams: Enjoy your games and shows with the flavor potato chips of your choice!
Gengar: I wanna get Netflix but I gotta finish my job cert first
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Nintendo switch live presentation! I already have it on my TV. Now to get some snacks watching livestream nintendo switch
Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 - Youtube
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captain: oh, yeah, that's what I thought. :) Your "snacks" bit made me think there was some kind of pre-release vid available or something. :) IE, snacks from the pantry, but you're talking more like snacks from the shop. That's commendable. You gotta get organized, made sure it's all cold where it needs to be and piping hot where appropriate. Can't be wasting time running to the micro or fridge. Well thought.
DeeMon: FIRE EMBLEM WARRIORS, DOOD!Hopefully Lyn will be a playable character. And it looks like Chrom finally gets his chance too.
captain: Project Octopath Traveler - whaaaaaaaat? Nice!
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EternalMemory: They copied your game, and your game also copied Ragnarok Online, a game in which I used to Main a very-long-time-ago. From that trailer, even if they copied your game, what matters, is "which is better?" , and they did improved from what they imitated, Looks better lol! But Ragnarok Online, overall, is a much better game that this ukkking two! The problem is, that game is just too old to get back now! Server is dead, it is not worth playing anymore!
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watching TV During this winter break i've been watching Goblin: The lonely and Great god. This Kdrama is so good. The cinematic and aesthetic of the scenes and the story line are A++. so obsessed. Oh the OST is freaking amazing too.
Next Week On GOBLIN โ€“ The Lonely & Great God | Episode 9 Preview! - Youtube
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Jackie: @munyo omg you should give it another chance. once you pass the first episode everything makes sense.
syrup: Omg, the last time I watched and drama (JP) I got mega hooked. How do they make them so addictive. Nice try, Jackie, you're not going to hook me!
Jackie: @syrup omg you need to! you're missing out
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