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Super late to the part but I just finished watching Psycho-Pass ( after watching it I regret that I put it off for so long, it was just a combination of lack of time and other anime in my queue). Literally crying cause I know that Season 2 will probably disappoint me. Also, if anyone knows of anime like it please lmk. (I've probably already watched it though) watching Anime
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FriedClams: You can watch Masterchef Junior! It is on Thursdays 8pm on FOX! Enjoy!
Helpingly: @Gengar: Let's watch it together.
Gengar: @Helpingly: http://i.imgur.com/7yKGOCf.gif
finally started the series "is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon" and mMMBOY I LOVE BELL AND HESTIA THEY'RE BOTH ADORABLE
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syrup: Not familiar with this but love the art!
HawtNoodle: Yah, I liked this series it kinda reminds me off konosuba and RE:Zero
Helpingly: I found it to be ok. Not a big fan of the harem anime but I found this one to be quite fun to watch.
What's everyone playing and watching this weekend?
EternalMemory: Revelation Online. I will hardcore it out when OBT comes out. I did a lot of planning and I now have an idea of what to do! (until 54 atleast!)
privateereck: Trying to go for lunar dews on Maplestory.
syrup: Nice! Sounds like you've all done some serious planning!
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