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Total hours played for 2020 NintendoSwitch Games

1 11w


How'd you like DQXI? Haven't played a DQ game since 1, 2, and 4 (or was it 3)? So many memories!!

5 Replies 3w

@captain I really liked the characters and story. After finishing it (70 hours) it's one of my favorites on Switch. I tried the demo at first and it immediately clicked so I went and bought the full game. If you're interested there's a 10 hour demo on the eShop.

reply 2w

@WatchGintama sounds like 70 hours of fun! Are Metal Slime and Gold Slime still around?

reply 2w

@captain Yes still around and they escape immediately! But you get a lot of EXP if you defeat them.

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