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Tuesday tunes, dood. Reminds me of Wandering the Crystal Blue. I know I didn't share a tune last week, life happens. Frig a hospital! Take care of yourselves. So I beat the game. What the frig was that thing? I liked the secret battle thing too. And those eyeglasses, damn. Makes her eyes stand out. Eyeglasses are a turn on for me, I don't know why. But I'm glad they chose eyeglasses for a certain special effect. It makes Miriam more attractive and makes the game so much more fun now! Very rewarding indeed. For some reason, I can't find certain items from chests because the game received updates during my already saved file, so certain items are actually missing unless I start a New Game +. I'll do that after getting 9 shards of every...shar

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Tuesday tunes, dood. How the hell this been on Youtube since 11 months ago? Well, I'm glad I didn't spoil myself. Damn, that's some good-ass talent. I like the part at 1:12. So here's the Nintendo Switch version. Uhhh, yeah. I think I prefer the disc instead. But Switch for portability, right? Without sounding negative, Switch for portability, XboxOne/PS4 for graphics/admire Miriam's beauty. Yes, I said that. I don't know about the Steam version yet. I'm lazy. So my thoughts about the game so far. Err, I mean the character. Miriam can be cute at times, like when she's preparing a food item, she does this cute little hop at the end. And when she's giving food to that old woman, Miriam's inner thought hopes that the old woman would save some

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Tuesday tunes, dood. Everybody be talking about the Sonic movie. In other news, I actually found a physical Xenoblade Chronicles. It uses the same save file as the eShop version, thankfully. Makes me wonder if physical Torna would be the same thing. Is it? Does anybody know? But damn, the reversable insert sure is a piece of art. Sorry for glare, too lazy to scan. So I found some free time to count my amiibo. I don't know why I would need free time, it doesn't even take that long. Anyway, my count is at 98. What the frig is wrong with me? I need to stop. My cupboard is already full. #Games

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Tuesday tunes, dood. Can't get enough of this game's soundtrack. Ys IX coming this September for the PS4 in Japan. PLEASE BRING IT TO THE SWITCH. In other news, rip to the Nintendo tunes on BrawlBRSTMs3 X's channel. Damn copyright bullbull. WHY NINTENDO!? IT'S JUST PLEASURE FOR OUR EARS! MAKE SOME DAMN SOUNDTRACK CDs THEN! I'D GLADLY BUY EVERYTHING! Even more amiibo hunting. Rip to my wallet too. All of a sudden, Canada explodes with amiibo? Da fawk. Finally, after 4 or 5 years of searching, I found Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii) at A & C Games. Thanks A & C Games. Never give up looking for something that you want! ...or the person you want to be with! Not going to happen for me... How about that Operation Rainfall thing. Also found The La

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Tuesday tunes, dood. In other news, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night finally has a release date. June 18th, 2019 for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, unfortunately arrives a week later for the Switch. Also, I didn't know about this until recently, but Curse of the Moon has some sort of new game + in another mode when starting a new file sort of thing, like a whole different scenario. I thought I was done with the game on my first playthrough, but no. It looks like there's another mode I need to unlock after completing Nightmare mode too. That Kingdom Hearts DLC tho. Xion finally getting the spotlight? She deserves it, dood. She is kinda cute. You know what other series would fit in well with KH? Black Rock Shooter. I dunno, there's these girls tha

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Tuesday tunes, dood. I didn't know they reused some tunes from Ocarina of Time in Majora's Mask. So I finally finished The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. What the frick was that boss fight? What tf is that? I beat the boss, but I didn't get all the masks to get Fierce Deity Mask yet, so I'm gonna keep playing until I get the damn thing. I have to admit something, I did hack my 3DS so I could use cheats. I used some sort of time stop cheat. Y'all can't say you wouldn't do that either, YOU KNOW how annoying it is to redo everything all over again when using Song of Time. The game actually felt playable with this cheat, dood. In other news, amiibo hunting. But what are these prices? Are you serious? The newer amiibo costs more than the old

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