#Sunk Talk

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I sunk a little bit of time into #RevelationOnline last night, so here are my first impressions. Character customization is super important to me, I love fiddling around and adjusting my character until I get the perfect look - Revelation Online definitely doesn't disappoint when it comes to this. The options are in-depth, and there is no gender-locked classes, so you can really make your character your own. The tutorial area appears to be single player (at least, I assume it is. I made a character with my fiancé and we couldn't see each other until we reached the first major town), and it takes you through the basics of the games combat system, flying, dodging, gliding, etc. There are three different styles of controls which I found rea

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Sunk a few hours #playing #Skyforge on #PS4 over the weekend. It's a lot simpler than I remember, they've totally redone the class system and I ended up maxing out all three of my starter classes in a few hours. Apparently to unlock other classes it's 3 million credits, at first I thought this was pretty outrageous; but grinding 3m is probably going to be on-par with the time it took to reach the class nodes in the old Atlas system.