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Happy Halloween, dood. Y'all thought I was going to share a Luigi's Mansion 3 tune? Hell nah, dood. Because Nintendo. Can't expect much of a tune from a racing game. Luigi's Mansion 3 is finally available. I got a poster for preordering the game. It's pretty much just an enlarged box art as a poster. Ghost pupper though. This is the inside cover thing: In other news, I finally got a beginner type job to level 200. And that achievement too. Damn, it took so long, dood. I was only able to achieve 99% critical rate on it. If only beginners could use Link skills. Frig you, nexon! Also played though Super Mario Odyssey. That end part was epic as frig. Now I see how the whole Bowsette thing came into existence. Hilarious, dood. I think I only got

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This game is perfect. 100/100 I only played for about 2 hours, but I can already tell I'm enjoying this game a lot. The background and environment looks so damn beautiful, this is definitely a work of art. The controls are simple, a variety of attacks with just the control stick and A button, you can make up some crazy-ass combos to kill everything, it's so much fun. Each katana has a unique special attack (B button). The Quick Draw attack is a full screen attack, it's extremely useful for those swarm encounters. Momohime is pretty damn cute, don't know much about Kisuke yet. I wish I had found this game sooner, I be missing out, dood. I don't think I'll ever go back to my Hayato in MapleStory. I definitely recommend Muramasa: The Demon Bla

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Blaster. 34th. 7850 total levels. The ign is just DarkBlaster in Japanese. Yeah, I have no idea. Perhaps this is what the classic Buccaneer should have been like. If they were able to combo Flash Fist with Double Uppercut and Energy Orb, just like Magnum Punch with Double Blast and Revolving Cannon. Shockwave is similar to Hammer Smash (not really). Mobility skills, Corkscrew Blow and Backspin Blow, similar to Bobbing and Weaving, forward and backward. Visually, the old Energy Charge animation looks very similar to Blast Shield, a bubble. I would say Energy Blast is similar to Revolving Blast, just because they're both a type of blast? I don't know. Shotgun Punch is like a mixture of the punching-ness of Barrage, the speed of Demolition (no