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"Frig this game!", is what kept going through my mind while playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. My first mistake was choosing Standard difficulty because for some reason, I thought there was a secret movie for this game. There isn't. So I made the game harder than it already is. It was too late to start over again, so I just pushed through. Sora was level 90. I know, 9 more levels, but I really wanted this nightmare to end already. Frustrating af. Cards suck. It's hard to make a good deck. Even when you do, most of the time the deck doesn't even work properly for the bosses and you'll lose anyway. It doesn't even warn you that a boss is in the next door! This game wants to see you lose. Did I mention how much cards suck? I could ta

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Nostalgia.. I remember the first time I played this game which was about twelve years ago which is when I was about seven. Then one of my brothers found out this back in his pre-teen years & became obsessed with it. He would do line drawings of most of the characters that I just wanted to keep all of them for myself! Haha.. I'm glad to see Square Enix continuing this game. It's hard to catch up since I haven't been paying attention of this game. Also have seen the KH 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue opening.. looks exciting!! #listening #KingdomHearts #Dearly #Beloved #KH