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Xenoblade is just as epic as I remembered. Actually, more epic than I remembered because I only played through the Wii version once and forgot about a lot of the stuff that happened. Definitive Edition has an Event Theatre, at least that's how they spelled it on the title screen. Uhh, I turned off Casual mode before the final boss. Xenoblade was more impressive as a Wii game back then. Now, not so much. There's a lot of other big open world games now a days. GTA V, Skyrim, I guess MGS V The Phantom Pain, and even Breath of the Wild. After exploring the world of the Bionis and Mechonis, it really doesn't seem that big after all. There are some similarities that happens during the story comparing to Xenoblade 2. Spoiler warning. Two ladies in

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Why I keep buying the same game twice, even three times? I has problems-- I mean, Nintendo has problems, dood! Why can't I just jam the 3DS cartridge in the Switch and play the game in HD? Have you seen Pokemon Sun/Moon in 4K? Well, it looks decent I guess. Anyway, the title screen for Hyrule Warrriors: DE is much improved from the Wii U version. Everything has more color and brightness to it. Can't wait to see Cia again, dood. Too sexy for box art!? Time to waste another 3 years on this game. Kind of weird, but a DS/3DS cartridge fits perfectly in the space right beside the Nintendo Switch cartridge holder thing. Try it! Could it be a coincidence? Don't know. Remember how the Wii U and 3DS box spines had these little pictures on them? Now

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More broken armor. Uhh, Lyn, you broke your wrist... And for some who are wondering why Lyn's sword is glowing green, it's an effect that comes with creating the Sanctuary Crest for that character, unlocking Divine Favor for their unique weapon, granting it 720 attack, it's insane. Everyone's unique weapon glows in a different color. Light blue for Ryoma's Raijinto, purple for Xander's Siegfried, orange for Corrin's Yato. Looks like Caeda is ready for the honeymoon. And I forgot to post Camilla last time. Those things are just ridiculous, dood. Yeah, I know your eyes are up there! Stop telling me! #Nintendo #FEWarriors

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The best thing just happened to me yesterday. Yesterday I went to a Nada Surf concert, the second time I've seen them live. The first time I couldn't find anyone willing to go to their concert with me, so a few hours before their concert I decided to just go, jump in the train and see what happens. The Gods and/or the universe must have been smiling at me from above, because that night was one of the best nights of my life. At the concert I ended up meeting a long-time fan who was also left on his own, we spend the night buying beers and singing along. It was so much better than what it would have been with anyone else, since he was such a huge fan we just understood each other, the fan-girling about the littlest details, the "I just love t

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The Elemental Paladin. 32nd. 7791 total levels. The ign, as you can guess, came from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, just like my Mihile's. This Paladin was born from a CK when we had ultimate adventurer creation back then. The inventory space is still horrible, dood! Paladin has some things that Mihile doesn't have. I'm not saying one is better than the other, both are good in their own ways. Elemental Charge attacks. This is what makes Paladin strong when fighting element weak mobs. Shorter vertical range compared to Mihile's Radiant Cross, but since I did achieve 100% critical rate on a Paladin, I was able to 1 hit kill mobs easier, so it sort of balanced itself out. Also, those hammer animations, especially Divine Charge. Lookin' good, d

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Well, I did it again, another level 200 character. The timing of my screenshots are getting worse, dood. To make up for it, a short video of me training down below. Also, if you read my previous MapleStory story(I think that makes sense?), my Marksman was actually my 21st, and then Wind Archer as my 22nd level 200 character. I totally forgot about my Shadower because he's not on my BasilMarket players thing. nexon will never be forgiven for what they've done... Anyways, I left the Wind Archer at level 171 or 173 and it took maybe 2 weeks to get it to 200. There was so much lag, it was unbearable to even train during empty(or dead) hours. But now, it's sort of back to normal. Probably not for the weekends. I also started playing Final Fantas