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So, I played and finished Pandora's Tower (Wii). I think I started in January, then Tokyo Mirage Sessions came out and distracted me for like two months. I don't have a picture to share because, I don't know, the Wii doesn't have a screenshot function like the Switch. I do know the Wii takes pictures of certain screens with a completion thing, like for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Kart Wii. Anyway, onto the review. So the story is, Elena is cursed because... I'm not going to spoil it. I think the story is a little interesting. The reason why she's cursed might make you cry, or something. There's 13 (12?) towers to explore in this game. The towers are like the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda games, just a giant 3D puzzle to figure out to g

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Tuesday tunes, dood. Reminds me of Wandering the Crystal Blue. I know I didn't share a tune last week, life happens. Frig a hospital! Take care of yourselves. So I beat the game. What the frig was that thing? I liked the secret battle thing too. And those eyeglasses, damn. Makes her eyes stand out. Eyeglasses are a turn on for me, I don't know why. But I'm glad they chose eyeglasses for a certain special effect. It makes Miriam more attractive and makes the game so much more fun now! Very rewarding indeed. For some reason, I can't find certain items from chests because the game received updates during my already saved file, so certain items are actually missing unless I start a New Game +. I'll do that after getting 9 shards of every...shar

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Tuesday tunes, dood. How the hell this been on Youtube since 11 months ago? Well, I'm glad I didn't spoil myself. Damn, that's some good-ass talent. I like the part at 1:12. So here's the Nintendo Switch version. Uhhh, yeah. I think I prefer the disc instead. But Switch for portability, right? Without sounding negative, Switch for portability, XboxOne/PS4 for graphics/admire Miriam's beauty. Yes, I said that. I don't know about the Steam version yet. I'm lazy. So my thoughts about the game so far. Err, I mean the character. Miriam can be cute at times, like when she's preparing a food item, she does this cute little hop at the end. And when she's giving food to that old woman, Miriam's inner thought hopes that the old woman would save some

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I recently finished playing Xenoblade Chronicles (available now from the Nintendo eShop!). It was pretty damn awesome, dood. I gotta be honest, I was really freaked out during the last part of the game. 188 hours? Well, I spent most of the time listening to the BGMs, it's worth a listen even if you haven't played the game yet. I didn't want to leave Mechonis Field because the tune was just as good as Gaur Plain. Certain places gets blocked off the further you progress, but thankfully there is New Game+ thing. You can carry over levels, party member's affinity, gems, some equips, and some other stuff. I do want to play through this game again because I missed a lot of stuff like quests and the complete reconstruction of Colony 6, but there a