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Happy Halloween, dood. Y'all thought I was going to share a Luigi's Mansion 3 tune? Hell nah, dood. Because Nintendo. Can't expect much of a tune from a racing game. Luigi's Mansion 3 is finally available. I got a poster for preordering the game. It's pretty much just an enlarged box art as a poster. Ghost pupper though. This is the inside cover thing: In other news, I finally got a beginner type job to level 200. And that achievement too. Damn, it took so long, dood. I was only able to achieve 99% critical rate on it. If only beginners could use Link skills. Frig you, nexon! Also played though Super Mario Odyssey. That end part was epic as frig. Now I see how the whole Bowsette thing came into existence. Hilarious, dood. I think I only got

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Illustration from Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. There is a Koholint Island adventure map in Adventure mode thing. It's pretty short, just like Link's Awakening for the GameBoy. Marin lookin' good, dood. Why is Lana there though? She kind of ruined the art. The box art insert art thing is the same as the Announcement Trailer's thumbnail on YouTube. Rant time. So I usually buy all the new games at EB Games (Canada's GameStop). I saw a Squirtle and Ivysaur amiibo, did not see Toy Link(that's what some people are calling Link's Awakening version of Link) or Snake amiibo, because I guess I was too late. I asked if I could buy both Squirtle and Ivysaur. Nope. Only one amiibo per customer. Wtf? Why? Because you guys only ordered 1 of each a

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Tuesday tunes, dood. Can't get enough of this game's soundtrack. Ys IX coming this September for the PS4 in Japan. PLEASE BRING IT TO THE SWITCH. In other news, rip to the Nintendo tunes on BrawlBRSTMs3 X's channel. Damn copyright bullbull. WHY NINTENDO!? IT'S JUST PLEASURE FOR OUR EARS! MAKE SOME DAMN SOUNDTRACK CDs THEN! I'D GLADLY BUY EVERYTHING! Even more amiibo hunting. Rip to my wallet too. All of a sudden, Canada explodes with amiibo? Da fawk. Finally, after 4 or 5 years of searching, I found Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii) at A & C Games. Thanks A & C Games. Never give up looking for something that you want! ...or the person you want to be with! Not going to happen for me... How about that Operation Rainfall thing. Also found The La

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Tuesday tunes, dood. Nights of Azure title theme. This just in, Blue Toad is not dead! Nintendo just hid him behind some secret bullbull. Okay, but why can't we just press up to change colors like in Killer Instinct? So after Fire Emblem Warriors, I went back to Hyrule Warriors DE... Now I remembered why I stopped playing Hyrule Warriors DE, it's because I kept failing missions and get constant game overs which makes me rage quit every time. I think the big difference is that Fire Emblem Warriors has actual voice acting, the characters tell you what you have to do instead of reading text like in Hyrule Warriors. #Games

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Snow and ice and stuff. Don't know, this place looks pretty at night. And, you know, since it's winter... I'm about 400 hours into this game. At first, it was very confusing as frick, but after a month or so, I kind of got the hang of it. So many weird stuff like aux cores, core chips, pouch setup, blade arts, driver combo finishers, affinity charts, core crystals, boosters, blade combos, merc missions, chain attack element burst thing, like what the frick is all this? While Xenoblade Chronicles 2 solves some of the problems I had with Breath of the Wild (like stamina while climbing, no music, breakable weapons, empty fields/no enemies), it still has problems of its own. Field skills. Why they do this? Do you know how annoying it is having