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So I dusted off my Wii U and went back to Xenoblade X to try and complete the survey rate of Planet Mira, and I did. Spoiler alert because it's highly possible that Monolith Soft will bring Xenoblade X to the Switch as a Definitive Edition with improvements. More on this subject later. Coming back to Xenoblade X after playing Xenoblade 2 and Xenoblade 1: Definitive Edition, there were a lot of problems with X. First of all, the mini map can't be expanded, and this sucks because this makes it difficult to find normal missions that are available in the world to accept. And no, normal missions can't be seen on the full map that's displayed on the Wii U gamepad, as far as I know. Some missions are also time sensitive, meaning the NPC that has a

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Some people were saying I was dumb for having Buff Duration on the Legion grid thing, so I made a new setup in the second preset with Boss Damage, Critical Damage, Ignore DEF, and the rest into Critical Rate. Are you happy now? I made sure to make it symmetrical in the three quadrants. Also, nexon should at least update the member pieces to have color coded outlines (you lazy af fricks!). In other news, I played and finished The Last Story (Wii). So the story is that Zael, when he was younger, his village got raided and he lost his mother because of it. He met some guy named Dagran and they became friends, forming a mercenary group with four other characters, doing what they can to survive. Dagran doesn't want to live like this anymore, so

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I wanted to play something pink because Pink Bean and stuff, mostly because nexon won't let me make one. 29th. 7709 total levels. Some of you might know what a Wave Buster is, it's the charge combo for Wave Beam in Metroid Prime. That's what I thought of when coming up with an ign and I think it fits well since youknow, Celestial Roar sort of shoots a wave of sound. That Hall of Maple Warriors chair is what I use to keep track of my total levels. I didn't even know what those numbers meant until I did some googling, dood. That chair description is not very clear, nexon. Pretty useful and it also displays your other top 3 highest characters. On sale now! Save 390 coins, dood! I really liked Trinity, it's so much fun to watch. I think it's be

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Nostalgia.. I remember the first time I played this game which was about twelve years ago which is when I was about seven. Then one of my brothers found out this back in his pre-teen years & became obsessed with it. He would do line drawings of most of the characters that I just wanted to keep all of them for myself! Haha.. I'm glad to see Square Enix continuing this game. It's hard to catch up since I haven't been paying attention of this game. Also have seen the KH 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue opening.. looks exciting!! #listening #KingdomHearts #Dearly #Beloved #KH