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Played, Grown, Alas, Mana, SNES Watch People Break Classic RPGs
Having grown up on NES / SNES, there's a soft spot in my heart for classic RPG's like Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, etc etc. Strangely though, I never played Earthbound, which people are still raving about. But alas, it's fun to watch these streams of people doing speed runs of these classics.
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What would you like to see more of on A messaging system similar to IG / Twitter? Nested replies? Edit stories? Edit comments? Polls? Let me know what and why.
2 4 BZL Dev Team
DeeMon: Yes, what both of y'all says. I had to delete my Paladin story thing because I typed 31st instead of 32nd. I'm surprised that I lost count of my own characters... Embarrassing, dood.
Kaneki: an easier way to delete old posts,, i always end up typing something and regretting it (a lot) later rip
KorokMask, WildDLC, Uncool, Games, Zelda Nintendo details the first DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Official Site -
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC pack details are out!
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tabs: I haven't played BotW since I got Puyo Puto Tetris. Too busy learning how to chain in Puyo Puyo. I like to think that I'm alright in Tetris. I can pull off combos and t-spins consistently; I'm trying to get faster at the B2B t-spin triples set up.
captain: @hawtnoodle: it's that good? :[email protected]:I presume you mean Puyo Puyo not Puyo PuTo :D Haven't heard that name for about... *gulp* 20 years almost. How is it?
Diablo3, Playing, OSX, PC, Dungeon Diablo3, Playing, OSX, PC, Dungeon
Loving playing Diablo3 right now. Really reminds me of Path of Exile (or I suppose Path of Exile reminds me of Diablo?) - I ended up just buying the base game but we will probably grab the expansion as well once we're closer to 60.
FriedClams: Enjoy your game with an open faced turkey sandwich with gravy!
Layout, Watching, Browser, Cleaner, Playing Layout, Watching, Browser, Cleaner, Playing
The layout has been updated! I thought I'd explain my reasons for doing so.
6 2 BZL Dev Team
benevolentia: What is the difference besides content now seeming to have a max-width & my navigation side-bar being stuck to it? I mean, I can sort of see something has changed, but I struggle to pin-point exactly what without a side-by-side comparison HAHA.
captain: @benevolentia stories now have a max height, which means that we can remove the pinterest-style plugin, which was causing issues with page loads speeds when you tried to loads lots of pages.
Barbarian, OSXGaming, Diablo3, Playing, Wizard Barbarian, O SXGaming, Diablo3, Playing, Wizard
I've been game hopping a bit recently - but we're just trying to find a game that both of us enjoy (my partner and I).
benevolentia: @EternalMemory - yes we are looking for a game we both enjoy. I mean I get what you're saying - and the consensus is the same from what I've read online - we need to get to level 50+ to experience it properly. Personally, I think that's a bad model. Why should I have to get to the end before I experience the game? It should be engaging and enjoyable from start to finish.It's all good though, I think Diablo III will be better for us as we can jump in, and run through the Campaign together from the get-go. It's also more my partners style, he's not a huge fan of MMORPG's like RO, but he did really enjoy Tera so I thought we'd give it a go!I have been looking at Bless online actually! I just saw your post about it as well. We will definitely keep an eye on it. I've been meaning to give BDO a try as well.. It looks fabulous.. Maybe after we're done with D3!
captain: @benevolentia: you could always give Dr Mario a try! :D Gl / hf!
RCARecords, YoungDumb, Khalid, Broke Khalid - Young Dumb & Broke (Audio) - Youtube
At last there is a song that is an embodiment of my soul
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Helpingly: @captain: Glad you like em! :D I think what amazes me the most is that he's only 19.
captain: yeah, was surprised at that too. idk if you read the wikipedia entry but kind of an interesting story to him. What else you listening to?
RevelationOnlin, Playing, MMORPG, PC, RO RevelationOnlin, Playing, M MORPG, PC, RO
Running dungeons with my partner in RevelationOnline. We're currently sitting at level 29, and so far it's been mostly solo-play which is a bit off-putting.
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EternalMemory: @benevolentia You are not levelling properly. It should take you 4 hours to get to level 40 from nothing. and maybe 5 days(if you play casually) to get to 49. The Storyline-Quest and Orange-Quests are not your source of Experience, it shouldn't be as they are not a good-source! Do your MH-Trial everyday, do your 4-Kings everyday(this can stack 3-times), do your Spa everyday(this can stack 5-times), do your Scour-Dungeon(the latest for your level-bracket with your 2-times from Muril), and do your 3-weekly Lampy-Creek(the 25-step-quest. or Sulan or whatever it is for your level-bracket. do it with full 5-member-party for best-EXP-gain). These are your source of Experience and not the storyline that you talk about. If you play like me, this should take you 3 days. Gearing your Character, everything normal(not intricate, not strengthen) Handcrafting Blueprints. Once you get to 59, just throw those trash. At 49 and even 59, it is not worth your time to go the Synthesis-way at this current-situation. Just handcraft it out because they are cheap. You don't have to die for them. So 49 and 59, you will handcraft everything. This is what I recommend. These are the servers that you should be playing on. Either one of these. Snowpine = WindiaDarkfall = Scania(the cool-kids are all in Snowpine! Snowpine is hottest-Server to date!)Not these;Tusenwood = GRAZED or GaliciaMuroc = Broa/Khaini
benevolentia: Thanks for the tips @EternalMemory; however, we've lost interest in the game due to the lack of content we could complete together during the early stages of the game.The content you've mentioned was not intuitive or obvious as a new player to RO, and alas, we played how we would play any other MMORPG - by trying to progress through the main story and pick up side quests & do dungeons in each area as we go along.We've gone to Diablo III again, hahah.I do appreciate the information you've provided though, but this game just didn't grab us :)
RevelationOnline, Playing, PC, Screenshot, Gameplay RevelationOnline, Playing, PC, Screenshot, Gameplay
I sunk a little bit of time into RevelationOnline last night, so here are my first impressions.
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benevolentia: @EternalMemory - Games can't rely on end-game content being the only enjoyable component though. To gain new players you need to have an engaging experience available for ALL levels, including those still leveling up through the beginner to intermediate areas.If my enjoyment of the game is being hindered because I'm not high enough level, then that's a problem in itself. TERA, for example, is a 10/10 experience from start to finish. The lower and mid-level dungeons are always bustling and instance matching never takes longer than 5-10 minutes. We're not giving up though, we are still playing and will progress further and work on obtaining better gear for the later dungeons / instances - but that doesn't prevent our frustration at not being able to really play together during this time putting a damper on the entire experience.Yep! I've stuck to action combat. I tried the other controls but it was not as natural feeling and seemed like a lot more work! I'll stick to action combat definitely, thanks for the advice :)What controls should a healing character use? Is action combat not a good choice for them?
EternalMemory: @benevolentia I am also a Healer myself. To keep my party alive, yes, you must use Tab-targetting to target your Teammate. It is easier that way. If you have any further question, don't hesitate to PM, I am at current end-game myself. They will raise the level-cap to 79 within months, they are just working on localizing and preparing it. I have been playing this game since the first-Closed-BETA, I'm fluent in Chinese, and I am experienced in this game. My advice is to just know what you are supposed to do. I already pointed to you some advice, Blueprint your Gears at 49 because they are way more cheaper and less time-consuming. you have to catch-up, that is your goal. Use your connections with your guild to get carried on your Expert-Dungeons for your Demonslayer. Personally, with no other diversion, I can get to 59 within 2 weeks with full gold-Gear. (with the current situation now, and the deflation of 59-below-stuff) I just know how to do it. This game is hard to understand for new-players, but just try to cope with it. Use this game as a filler game, then we will move to Bless, including I. there is no good-games to play right now, except for Black-Desert. You you will also die for Black Desert, trust me.
Maplestorym, Mobile, Multiplayer, MapleStory, Screenshot Maplestorym, Mobile, Multiplayer, MapleStory, Screenshot
I know I just posted a Pocket MS screenshot, but I got around to downloading the Korean version of MapleStory M and it is AWESOME. Its is seriously a tiny mobile version of the desktop game. Cleaner controls, multiplayer everywhere instead of just in towns, and way more customisation.
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Helpingly: Didn't even know there was a Korean version.
benevolentia: @captain - pretty sure there are bosses, I'm not high enough level to confirm that yet but I believe I saw videos of zakum and the sorts.@Helpingly - it's the only version right now, there is no Global/English version :( Hence me stumbling around on the KR one (I don't know any Korean! I just press buttons until things work!) And yeah, it's a little cluttered... The awesome gameplay makes up for it though :P
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