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Helpingly: James Joyce is an author I have a strong love/hate relationship with.
AlisaAttacked: His first couple books are really awesome and relatively easy to read...even for me when I don't speak Eng as a first lang. Beyond that - Finnegans Wake is really difficult. I used to think it was just nonsense till I finally figured it out. The way I've explained it now to other people is that it tells a story - but it tells the story through the dreams that person has instead of what they're actually doing while awake. In doing that it dips deep in the collective unconscious realm and gets heavy into symbolism, archetypes of various sorts, historical tidbits, etc. Once you figure it out for the sort of mind game it is...it's really pretty awesome. Just looking up the history about the things he briefly mentioned taught me so much I don't think I ever would have come across.But it's not an easy book. lol.