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Just finished watching Ozark on Netflix. It started out super intense and just got more and more intense. What an insane ending to the season. I won't spoil anything by pointing out similar movies. It's very gritty and immensely dark. I am not a fan of gruesome things (blood, gratuitous killing, etc) and there's not a ton of it in this show. That said, when it does happen, it's kind of a reminder of the seriousness of what's going on for the characters as you can get a bit lulled into thinking it's all going to work out for everyone. *phew* kind of relieved it's over as I can now rest a bit easy. :D

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Ignoring parts of this trailer which tries to sexify what is undeniably an incredibly heart-wrenching drama, I heartily recommend everyone with Netflix access to watch This Is Us. It's quite long at about 18 x 45min, but so deep and intense and heart warming, sad, beautiful, etc. If it doesn't make you ponder about yourself and where you're at and who you are then idk what to say to you. I'm just a little over halfway myself so please no spoilers, but I would love to hear any general thoughts you have if you've watched it or watching it atm.

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I just finished season 1 of #Atypical on #Netflix #TV. It's a complete 180 from Ozark which I watched just prior to that, and which I've just giddily learned has been renewed for a second season!! The 8 part series centers around a highly-functioning autistic teen and his family through the various complexities of being a family brings, with the twists that the main character's personality brings. To learn about the wide spectrum of autism and its inherent quirks was educational and interesting. Yet, sometimes the show felt almost like a sitcom. There was a regular back-and-forth between an exploration of the seriousness of the issue and more pedestrian entertaining which seemed like a cheap tactic to keep a hold on viewers. Nontheless, it'

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A few episodes into Dear White People on #Netflix and enjoying it. I was a little uncertain about the first episode but as you become more familiar with the other characters and their stories (ie, Lionel) you can get a sense of the depth and complexity of the story and issues presented. Interestingly, the show maintains a sense of heaviness (ie the topic of racism) while being funny and down to earth at other points. A great track selection to boot!

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