Warframe Plains of Eidolon 17minute Gameplay Demo




Watching a 17 minute gameplay video of . This looks pretty cool. Any of you have thoughts about it?



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I'm sorry I'm gonna be evaluative with my review(impression). By no means I am being insulting, but being constructive with my criticism.
For an MMO, it does lack the Customization and Systems needed as an element, and thus, it is less of an MMO and more of a First-Person-Shooter-Online-Lobby-experience. As a person myself who is looking for an MMO, the feature of this game is not enough to meet my demands/standards. Same with Destiny 2. If my need is an MMO, I need to look for a game built to be an MMO, not just First-Person-Shooter-Online-Lobby that has "some" MMO-element. I don't need "some", I need an "actual" MMO.
But if you are not really the type who likes to dedicate to an MMO and does not really care about the depth of the game in terms of Contents and Customization, in brief, your not looking for an MMO and time-sink, maybe you can get across all of these and might like this game. But if you are looking for an MMO specifically(like I am), I wouldn't recommend this, Destiny 2(which is less of an MMO than the first-one), and Dark and Light. Why? Because they are not meant to be a fully-MMO, and there are other choices to suit what you are looking-for.

Also, you know that Halo was once one of the best Online-Shooter-game, the Problem is, Microsoft owns the Trademark to the Series, so when Bungie switched their Publisher to Activision, they can no longer create a Halo-title, so the successor to this, is Destiny. Destiny 2 is coming-out this September, it is not as great and massive as the first-one and it is less of an MMO than the first-one, if you like Online-Shooter-game, maybe you should look at this one. Between Destiny and Warframe, I'll say Destiny is better.
I'm not really in to Shooter-Genres, it's just my thoughts. I'm not really in to Shooter, really.

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