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What is up with the Nintendo Switch launch? Still so expensive to get! I've been eyeing up Zelda and now that I know Metroid is coming out I'm frothing at the mouth. But man, those prices... Get it together Nintendo, amiright?

June 14, 2017

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@HawtNoodle: but don't you feel that the quality simply isn't comparable to a PS4 / XONE? Just looking at the lines in the above video you can so easily see the edges, they're so jagged. It's so last-gen or even older than last-gen.

@Nolen: cool, any others you enjoy on the Wii?

Reply June 15, 2017

i liked mario galaxy 2 but i still need to finish that

Reply June 15, 2017

300~400 euros is a pretty common price for consoles if you'd ask me.

Reply June 14, 2017

@Gengar: the funny thing is - the more trailers I see the LESS interested I become. The graphics look like an upgraded 3DS or PS2. I get gameplay is king and people are nostalgic for NES, etc etc, but this just looks like bad engineering. And it'd be one thing if it were cheap, but it's not. What's going on here... how the mighty have fallen.

Reply June 14, 2017

Yeah I'm not even wasting my time with the switch (even if I like the games) that's just redic. It would be different it was an actual console but I'm not throwing money on that clearly cheap gimmick

Reply June 14, 2017