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Occasionally you come upon a Youtuber that has so much character and charisma that it's hard to turn off. After reading about how addicted @HawtNoodle was to Splatoon 2 I did some googling and found this video by 'videogamedunkey' and simply couldn't stop watching.

I then found this charming video by the same guy playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's so funny and foul-mouthed, what a pleasant departure from most of what's out there.

Who are some of your favorite Youtubers?


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Lohdy this is the video that introduced me to dunkey LOL even though I don't follow him closely his vids are still pretty hilarious

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i really love dunkey, the first vid i watched from him was vice city and immediately fell in love with him

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omg I loveee videogamedunkey he's just so refreshing in that cesspool youtuber climate. He's just comedy and games which is an element I have missed for so long. I also like watching vinesauce (but that's more twitch streaming that gets posted to youtube) I like watching brutalmoose who does odd pc games and ofc cr1tikal for just overall crappy games with that monotone voice

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@Gengar ty for the other recommendations, will have a look-see.

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