The Most Creepy, Eerie and Downright Unpleasant Pokmon





Admittedly, I have not played Pokemon since it came out on Gameboy (the one with the green screen), but the mythology, longevity of the series and sheer cuteness catches my eye from time to time. From that point of view, this HG article about some of the creepiest Pokemon was a fun read.

October 31, 2017

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Eh I enjoy to play pokemon from time to time, but not as serious as I used to. I probably beat the elite 4 like 200 times on emerald and Pearl and I don't think I can be that serious anymore, I reach the end and I just stop

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@HawtNoodle I used to enjoy it, as I already mentioned, it was one of the best during "that" time. If we are talking about "this" time(as in "this era"), not anymore. It no longer has a ground in today's time, unless ofcourse they will innovate and improve the series to today's standards. They are literally doing the same-thing Activision is doing to Call of Duty and you guys kept on paying for the same-game. I no longer find it fun, I used to find it fun, but ofcourse, we live in a world that is subject to time and change. Let us not give them an excuse to be this incompetent.

reply November 2, 2017

Pokemon is one of the best RPG during "that" time, that is why it is regarded as a "classic". Technology do change and improve, and right now, they lost that title in the Offline-RPG-market and they are no longer competitive in it. What do we look for in Offline-RPGs? Well, Open-World-tech is widely-available right now, and we look for Depth, and extensive-systems. Pokemon only have engage and battle-system(it is basic turn-based), they don't have any of the above, they don't have anything unique/innovative, and they don't have anything competitive in this era of time. Sure, they were classic, but they no longer have that monopoly. They are just like Douglas McDonnell, if they cannot compete, they cannot compete, I don't wanna hear the "classic"-excuse.
I only watch the Pokemon-show, it is by form immersive in terms of lore. But the game? It is no longer competitive in the market and should have already died, unless they improve and innovate in it(which they still don't). Why do these games sell more than Star Ocean while they under-deliver at the same-time? Making Offline-RPGs are not that hard anymore due to existence of 3rd-Party-Engine-licensing. They should not have any excuse. This is my rant to Nintendo, not to you

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If both of you want to throw away your money to Nintendo, go ahead! What I did is gave my thorough-facts here. Maybe it's disagreeable to you, but then again, I've said my side of opinion.
Or maybe it's the way I talk? What matters is the context of the writing here. Just because of my writing-style, something that is not particular to you, it does not mean that I'm boasting about my education.
If you can't understand my writing(or maybe it's context) because you find it complex(when really, it's not! it is a simple-writing-form), then that's your problem. In terms of writing, what is a writing lacking of context? Yes, it needs to have details to be meaningful. That is just what I did. It's an opinionated-comment(that I based thoroughly) that is first-person-narrated.

Which part of the writing did you not understand? Maybe I can paraphrase.

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@Eternal I didn't understand any of that, dood. I just play what I like. Hey, relax guy.

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