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Shadowverse, Playing, PC Street Fighter V Meets Shadowverse - Youtube
Street Fighter V meets Shadowverse!! I'm definitely getting some of these leaders playing PC shadowverse
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captain: whaaaaat is this???
WatchGintama: @FriedClams Yeah SF is still popular... lots of big tournaments and such.@captain These are leaders or characters you can play as. They don't affect the deck you just have different reactions/emotes you can use.@KrazyKid132I'm getting chun li for sword probably. I would get Ryu but I dont have a dragon deck
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Finding an MMO to stick with is tough nowadays. I played MS1 for years, RO for years, etc. Tree of Savior lasted about a year for me, the international version less than a year. Before that was Dragon Nest which was fun but I lost interest eventually. My last hope is Lost Ark, Peria Chronicles and GMS2.
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EternalMemory: I can understand your situation and I had reviewed these options as I was in the same situation as you. Peria Chronicles was scrapped, isn't it? If it's not, Nexon will still be the Publisher, and believe me, you will not stick to this game due to system-implementations this Publisher is already known-as without any concealment!If you want to search for an MMO that is lasting, you have to change your outlook! Most important of that all, you have to stop game-hopping just for fun. You got to take this seriously and consider the things that you should be considering for that aspect of the game!I don't know about you, but I am not in to MMOs that are Pay-to-Win, and ofcourse, I look for Contents, and another-thing that I consider, is the game's Population, The game must have good and adequate Systems, will define that game's integrity. Games that I have played in the past, are the following; Maplestory 1(is a completely Pay-to-Win game!), TERA(non-Pay-to-Win but is bareboned of Contents and the game is unreasonably-hard), PlayTrickster(the relaunched-version of Trickster Online. The game is old and it feels dead to me community-wise), to try other games like BnS, BDO, Aion, already knowing they are Pay-to-Win.and I'm going to quit anyway is pointless. I already had enough experience in the past to prevent me from wasting any more time.
FriedClams: Besides MapleStory, I only play quick games too. I now enjoy playing Scrabble and still hope to spell "hamburger."
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