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Coments, Maple, Gms, Playing, Reading Maple Story: Unsc. Maintenance GMS... (Yes. It really happened again.) - Youtube
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syrup: oh man, YT comments are garbage. idk why they bother allowing comments...
SmexiiNinja: Ikr! Like, there are plenty of good comments too but for every good one there's about 3 other ones picking fights
Thebreaker, Reading, Manhwa, Manga Thebreaker, Reading, Manhwa, Manga
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syrup: haven't, thanks for the recommend!
Rtyu: It's great and popular, but the series tended to end abruptly on cliffhangers. Right now it's on hiatus so the author can work on other serie(s). Meh. Honestly, although it's great, you may not get as much out of it as you'd hope.
Illustration, Listening, Nintendo, Watching, Playing Wizet Hat Project (Please help) - Deviantart
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