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Dlaiwa avatar

There's nothing more annoying than having a bunch of bright coloured spray-paint cans and nothing to try them out on

1 5 177 Apr 2017


blazi4ever avatar

I had to purchase a few cans to use for some of my projects in my sculpture class and they're just sitting around at home. D;

Apr 2017
Dlaiwa avatar

@blaz4ever I just can't help myself, I've sprayed a bunch of random things already :O
My phone case is now bright yellow, some old hubcaps are now Neon green or pink.
Everything I own gets "personalized" once I've owned it for about a month or more. Wheter it's paint or permanent markers, I'll mark it somehow.
But now I'm running out of things to Improve :O
@Kaneki Nice! I do have some canvasses laying around! And I could also just spray over some old failed paintings

Apr 2017
captain avatar

do you find that the phone case doesn't rub off? Is it safe (is there such a thing?) I thought you'd go for your planters, table legs, that kind of thing.

Apr 2017
Dlaiwa avatar

Unless you spray thick/to many layers without letting it dry properly the paint shouldn't rub off. (Not in the way that it's leaving yellow marks in my pockets or on my hands anyways)
The case has soft plastic bumpers/sides though, and the paint doesn't really stick to it, even after sanding and spraying some primer.
It still doesn't rub off though, the paint just sort of chips off in small flakes.
The plexiglass back seems fine though.

Apr 2017
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