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random87 avatar

Snapped a little picture of my little shrimp last week.
Used a pen to get my phone to focus, but it also helps show how tiny he is.
Doesn't look like much yet, still tiny and colourless, but they're supposed to grow pretty fast, so I might take more photos to show their progress.

5 6 189 May 18


Helpingly avatar

Ayyy! so far so good I still need to find a couple of cherries for my tank. Algae is starting to get out of hand.

May 19
syrup avatar

Nice! Idk which is crazier - the size of it, or that you got a focused photo. I sometimes struggle to get my phone to focus on anything...

Keep us posted on progress! Does the little nipper have a name?

May 19
random87 avatar

@Syrup I've called this one Jeff.
There are a lot of them in the tank though, I've counted up to 18, so I don't know exactly which is which.
This one was on it's own when I took the picture, while the rest were hanging out in a little group.
Now each time I see a little shrimp swim off on it's own I feel like that might be Jeff, but I'll never know for sure

May 19
syrup avatar

@random87: best to treat them all as Jeff lest they think you're playing favorites!

May 19
Duzz avatar

you sure that isnt just a ballpoint pen?

nah jk its actually cute

May 21
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