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artist who is dead 24/7
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Two backgrounds I lined for a motion comic my friends are making ^w^
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qukne: Here's the trailer if anyone is interested~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0ZBMWGZhI4
FriedClams: Nice background! Celebrate with beef stew!
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HawtNoodle: I've seen these guys before, never watched the series he/they're from though. Nice drawings aswell :)
syrup: very cool, nice casual style. I love this vibe. OH~! I finally remembered what this style reminds me of (and your cover image thingy) - Dr Slump! Familiar with it?
qukne: @FriedClams @HawtNoodle [email protected] Thank you, heard of it, but never did watch it. This show is based on it's predecessors style, so it's a style familiar with older anime [email protected] I'm def. a tad bit TOO obsessed with the show haha.