Chinas Forcing Publishers to Reveal Loot Box Drop Rates





Video Game

New law in China requires Video Game Publishers to reveal percentages of chance of getting loot from monetized micro-transaction RNG loot boxes in video game.

January 5, 2017

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I believe they did this in Korea as well.

Reply January 6, 2017

If you open Happy Meal or KFC $5 Fill Up Boxes, there is a 100% chance of happiness!

Reply January 6, 2017

And why does it matter if this feature of RNG-Boxes are extremely-rare to almost-absent in all Chinese-MMOs? You are talking about Nexon again! There are several-games also that sells RNG-Boxes but there are quite a lot that do not have this feature in their Cash-Shop! An example is Revelation Online, the only-thing that has RNG in Revelation Online are the Blue-stats from your Equipment which can be re-rolled from in-game! (you do not need a Cash Shop to do this!) You just have to look for a better game and not confine yourself to one, especially if you are limited to gambling-RNGs from that game! Me? I deviated! I had 1M-clean-Range in Maplestory with completed Link-Skills and Character Cards, MAX-Traits, and very-good-Cosmetics and rarely-missed an Event. I can sacrifice these away if that means looking for a better game and deviating-away from a very-broken-one!

Reply January 6, 2017

This is pretty awesome. I wonder what the schema for this will look like as surely the numbers and algorithms can vary. About time!

Reply January 6, 2017