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Ragnarokonline, Playing, PC WARNING: LOUD muka - Streamable
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syrup: This looks cute!
EternalMemory: This is Ragnarok Online Re: Restart by Warp-Portal. I know!Because the map is Classic and not Renewal (different in Revo-Classic-Thailand, where the Map is Renewal and the system is Classic) this Map is the Hodes-map(or Magnolia, since the Hodes seems to not be present here), a great training-place for level 30+ if you cannot go Geo(because of range). This is why you have the Metaller and those Cactus in this Map, it's iRO-Classic, not the Thai's Revo-Classic. At level 60, your Assassin should be in HO.(this map is too low for you). And the Snake-Hat, give that to your Mule. :) You have the Double-Attack from your Thief-Class, it really is useless to your Class. Ever since EXE have turned to SEA-exclusive, I moved to iRO - Re : Restart(like I have any choice!), so welcome to my world! We are in the same Server! This has to be Odin, I'm 100% sure! [Edit]Actually, this Map is for level 20+, you know, an alternate to Wolf. Sorry for the confusion as I am not that familiar with the Classic-Map. At level 30+, what I do is use my connection and go GH(Skel-Prisoner/Zombie-Prisoner) in a Party("connection", as in "they will provide you the leech". You are an Assassin, so your asset to a Party is not good. No range, no mobbing, no support, no pulling) or a smart-way is to leech it from an Archer(your own Alt) and go Geo, or solo in Lutie(Cruisers/Myst-Cases) where Drops are good and EXP is not that bad. This will shoot you to 50 where you can go Clock-Tower-Aldebaran, then HO, and so on. As in "most-annoying", this is not it! You gonna hate Harpies, Demon-Pungus, Rideword, Mimic, and Alarm more! I have to go Overweight(as a Class with no STR) and burn a lot of resources because of those.(they are not even worth killing! Aside from burning a lot of resources to kill them, they inflict Status-Effect at a high-rate. So it is best that you just Teleport-away!) I have swore a lot, more than anything in this game, because of those. It will really slow-down your training by a lot! (especially in Geo, instead of fast-levelling, you will Teleport a lot, carry a lot, and restock often, that the place become less viable! )
MapleStory, Playing, MemberBonus, DarkKnight, SharpEyes MapleStory, Playing, MemberBonus, DarkKnight, SharpEyes
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syrup: *sigh* this is really cool, I very much envy your commitment. It's quite seeing you get those numbers! Must be very rewarding too.
FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with mango ice cream with whipped cream!
Games, IronCrypticle, Graphics, Robotron, Playing Review: Iron Crypticle
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FriedClams: I'm playing chess! Enjoy your game with a batch of snickerdoodle cookies!
DeeMon: Well, I finally had some time to play Star Fox 64 3D and it was extremely short, about 2 hours to finish. I know there's other paths to take which gives the game more replayability, but this was not my type of game, dog fight in space. It makes me wonder how long Star Fox Zero is, I have it but didn't play it yet.Also recently finished this Heirs of Fate DLC for Fire Emblem Fates. I dunno. It's weird. It gave me a headache for a day.I restarted playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star... I'm going to try and finish it this time instead of giving up. This game gave me nightmares, dood.Still trying to play through Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Lunatic difficulty. I don't remember how it was on normal difficulty, but the battles seem to take a lot longer now.
Illustration, Interview, Art, DaisukeIshiwatari, AcidBlackCherry Illustration, Interview, Art, DaisukeIshiwatari, AcidBlackCherry
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Helpingly: Wow that art is gorgeous :o
LegionSystem, MapleStory, Playing, SynergyGrid, Disconnect LegionSystem, MapleStory, Playing, SynergyGrid, Disconnect
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syrup: Man, I envy your time and commitment, that's pretty awesome. It's cool to see all of those stat boosts you get. Congrats! And all those SS's look (and I'm sure feel) pretty cool!
FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with a sausage scramble with your choice of toast!
Nintendo, Playing, TMSFE, WiiU, PaperMario Nintendo, Playing, T MSFE, WiiU, PaperMario
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syrup: oh man, I'm so glad you did that and not me. I live vicariously through you DeeMon! :)
Raginroxas: I heard the game was pretty good for what it was; It just wasnt the game we expected. Super Saiyan Marth!
MapleStory, PaperMario, Nintendo, Playing, WiiU MapleStory, PaperMario, Nintendo, Playing, WiiU
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DeeMon: This is my progess of Color Splash so far: http://i.imgur.com/Okh8UeB.jpg I'm guessing I have to paint the whole map. The yellow flags means the level has had its color restored.Here's another weird humor in the game: http://i.imgur.com/A4mYBV9.jpg Seriously, age rating, dood?
Gengar: I lost it at "Kinesis the Hedgehog"
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