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MapleStory, Playing, SupremeSupernova, Animations, SoulSeeker
I wanted to play something pink because Pink Bean and stuff, mostly because nexon won't let me make one. 29th. 7709 total levels. Some of you might know what a Wave Buster is, it's the charge combo for Wave Beam in Metroid Prime. That's what I thought of when coming up with an ign and I think it fits well since youknow, Celestial Roar sort of shoots a wave of sound. That Hall of Maple Warriors chair is what I use to keep track of my total levels. I didn't even know what those numbers meant until I did some googling, dood. That chair description is not very clear, nexon. Pretty useful and it also displays your other top 3 highest characters. On sale now! Save 390 coins, dood!
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DeeMon: @random87 Yes. Although, I wish we could choose which characters to display instead of the highest, but I guess that would be too much for nexon to implement. I really don't like this Shadower, dood.
Helpingly: I thought you just manually counted how many total levels you had on your account, didn't know that there was a chair that told you. Pretty sweet.
DeeMon: @Helpingly That would have been a nightmare, dood.
hi bzl I dont understand this site
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captain: Welcome, zigen! It's just like stories on Basil, but when you post a link it actually does something. IE, paste a YT link and it embeds the video, etc. Try it out.
FriedClams: Welcome! While you try to understand this site, enjoy a white chocolate and coconut bar!
Raginroxas: Hiya! Welcome!
Maplestory, PocketMS, Playing, Mobile, Pocket
Decided to pop on to PocketMS and kill some time while I was away. I played this initially at launch in Australia but haven't touched it since. I have a 110 Angelic Buster but decided to remake a Mercedes instead of continuing since it's been so long.
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Helpingly: I never played it. I do remember when they had a Facebook version of Maplestory though. Those were the days.
benevolentia: @Helpingly - Maplestory Adventures! I remember that game! Good fun.
random87: I've wasted some time on that!I usually play Maplestory with a friend, but when her PC died we decided to give PocketMS a try.Much like normal Maplestory we got bored quite fast.
Battlefield, Playing, BF1, PS4
That medic life.
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privateereck: I never got into BF1. I took it too seriously.
benevolentia: @privateereck - Hahha I play pretty casually. I don't have that many hours logged on it.
privateereck: @benevolentia last thing I recall doing was playing with pistols only online, and I wasn't doing so bad.
Skyforge, Playing, PS4, Simpler, Redone
Sunk a few hours playing Skyforge on PS4 over the weekend. It's a lot simpler than I remember, they've totally redone the class system and I ended up maxing out all three of my starter classes in a few hours.
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FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with a smoked salmon scramble!
Skyforge, Playing, PS4
Skyforge has come to PS4 which is pretty cool. It's the same as the PC version, but since I don't have a gaming PC anymore this is really awesome. Definitely going to sink some hours into this.
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EternalMemory: Skyforge from My.com? lol! The same Publisher that is hosting my MMO Revelation Online. Since you don't have Gaming-PC anymore, I think that would do for your situation, but really, you need PC if you want to venture to MMO. I would recommend PC. And Bless Online is coming-out (I think Fall-2017 for the Closed-BETA), and it is a heavily-Traditional-MMO(with Instanced-Dungeon that has Gear-drops. Levelling, you would do it mostly in the Open-World through Grind), that is something good to get involved with. Traditional-MMO, Grind, Farming, Open-World(and you are not forced to Instances only) = better Immersion like Black Desert.
FriedClams: Enjoy your game with some orange wafers!
benevolentia: @EternalMemory - yes, that's the same Skyforge, just released for PS4 now! :)Nah, I'm not interested in a gaming PC anymore :P I don't play enough to warrant it, and I'm happy with the games available on PS4 or which run smoothly on my bootcamped Mac Book Pro :D
MapleStory, Playing, PC, THISCHAIR, HOWCUTE
Collecting rewards from my Pink Bean character. HOW CUTE IS THIS CHAIR? 😍
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Helpingly: Comment has nothing to do with the chair... but #tipsy
FriedClams: I like that chair. I have it too! Celebrate with butter crackers!
WatchGintama: thats a nice chair. I only had boring chairs available back when I played
BlacklightRetri, Playing, PS4, PC, Download
I downloaded 'Blacklight: Retribution' on the PS4 the other day. It's pretty small (5GB) and actually plays pretty well for a free-to-play shooter. It has a cash shop style system where you can purchase new gear, but the free stuff is nice enough to play with so I'm not too bothered.
Playing, FFTCG, Card, Foil
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Kaneki: gasp. cecil
WatchGintama: Nice! How big is your TCG collection?
tabs: Pretty sure I have Opus II in its entirety and I'm looking to buy Opus I when wave three swings by. Including dupes, my collection is sitting at around 900 cards.
MapleStory, Playing, FireEmblemFates, ArrowStream, SplitAttack
Bowmaster was great. 28th. 7683 total levels. This ign is the name of Takumi's yumi in Fire Emblem Fates. I don't know, couldn't think of anything better. I had a VIP Bow and that's what I thought of. Takumi is such a frick, but still a good unit, dood.
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DeeMon: @benevolentia My goal is actually 8000 total levels, but I do indeed have to get the rest of my characters except for one to reach that goal. I'm hoping to be done around the end of summer this year. I'm doing this for the Maple Union thing in the Beyond update, the new character card system. I'm aiming for Grand Master Union 1 rank. I'm also very obsessed with trying to achieve 100% critical rate for every character and Maple Union will help with that. EunWol/Shade and Angelic Buster has low crit rate for example. I'll also be able to reset hyper ability points from critical trigger and add them into something else for those who already have 100% crit rate.@Helpingly That's a strange typo, dood.
Helpingly: @deemon You're right. That's how much disbelief I was in. lol
random87: Nice job.I made one with a friend of mine, and we both got to about level 185, but she had other things to do so we quit.I'll probably come back to it though, quickly finish of those last few levels.The arrow blaster thing is not just you btw, it's pretty buggy.I also hate that you have to use the NPC chat key to place it. I always end up talking to the "door" NPC's at bosses and stuff like that.
HorizonZeroDawn, Playing, PS4, Tallneck, Game
Riding on top of a Tallneck in HorizonZeroDawn.
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FriedClams: While you wait to play it again, enjoy a chocolate panna cotta!
syrup: gotta try this out
benevolentia: @syrup yes, definitely. I would 100% recommend it.
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