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MapleStory, Playing, Bayonetta, Revamp, Scania
I'm Batman, dood. 24th. My ign is suppose to mean Dark Spear or something, I don't know, was probably playing Bayonetta at the time. I guess I should also mention the total level of all my characters in Scania on this one account, 7569 levels. It's going to matter with the character card revamp thing. I'm going to try to aim for 8000 levels.
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EricBB: Gratz!! Dark Knight Power!
FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with rum raisin ice cream!
I hate it when you're playing Town of Salem and everyone is too paranoid to lynch anybody. And then they question why Mafia wins at the end.
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EricBB: ToS was tb to 2015 for my school lol
Raginroxas: Its better than being lynched by town even when your confirmed town.
MapleStory, Mercedes, Playing, 23rd, Dood
Done with Mercedes, dood. 23rd. If I could describe Mercedes in some words, it would be radiantly elegant. I'll be honest, I only used Ishtar's Ring to level up with. Staggering Strikes is so bad... playing MapleStory Mercedes
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FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with steamed pork dumplings!
Kaneki: grats!!!! glad you like mercedes :^)
Basura: 23rd 200? dam im just going for my 3rd lol GRATS :D
Playing, CSGO, PC, Browse, Woohoo
playing PC CSGO It has been a while since I actually have the time to just browse social media / community sites. I've been so busy with school / looking for jobs. Senior year woohoo. But when I do have time these days, I go on csgo. I started about a year ago and i don't really play that often so getting to gold nova 3 is kind of a big deal on my list. Any advice on getting better?
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syrup: hey Jackie, no experience with these types of games, what's the diff with CSGO vs COD etc? Kind of gave up on Live games due to all the trash talking... :/ Is the scene on CSGO better?
RedEyed: i used to be MGE but i kinda fell down to nova ranks havent played in a month or so shot me down even more
Jackie: @syrup i actually never played cod so I can't compare. but the players on csgo are pretty diverse just like any other game. Some are dicks and some are pretty nice.
Masuda method really makes me want to kill myself sometimes. 1500 for a damn green teddy bear. I'm taking a very long break from this stuff. playing Nintendo Pokemon
Gengar: https://media.giphy.com/media/FCgcgyDCc4ReE/giphy.gif
FriedClams: I feel that way about playing poker when I never get a nice hand but when I do one of my opponents has a nicer one. Let's cheer ourselves up with a slice of key lime pie!
Shadowverse, Playing, PC
Street Fighter V meets Shadowverse!! I'm definitely getting some of these leaders playing PC shadowverse
Street Fighter V Meets Shadowverse - Youtube
KrazyKid132: I have always liquified my forestcraft cards and now i regret it
captain: whaaaaat is this???
WatchGintama: @FriedClams Yeah SF is still popular... lots of big tournaments and such.@captain These are leaders or characters you can play as. They don't affect the deck you just have different reactions/emotes you can use.@KrazyKid132I'm getting chun li for sword probably. I would get Ryu but I dont have a dragon deck
MapleStory, Playing, FireEmblemFates, MysteryMushroom, SuperMarioMaker
Well, I did it again, another level 200 character. The timing of my screenshots are getting worse, dood. To make up for it, a short video of me training down below.
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syrup: Kind of gave up on MS due to all the DC's, what do you mean by Nexon won't be forgiven for what they did? Gz on another 200.
DeeMon: @syrup For how they deleted some Chief Bandit skills. Just don't like how they brought them back as V skills with cooldowns on them now. I dunno, I just preferred the older version, dood.
FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with a salmon skin roll!
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