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Music you're into lately?

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I've gotten some great recommendations from @Tabs (Brockhampton) and @WatchGintama (Ujico) on here. What are you all listening to these days?

7 91 Aug 27


random87 avatar

I listened to a lot of Bryan Adams last week.
A few weeks back I bought a Bryan Adams CD, secretly enjoying his songs used to be my guilty pleasure, but now I'm not afraid to show my fangirl-ness.
Apart from that I also listened to a lot of bands/artists I didn't like before, including a lot of Joe Cocker, U2, and R.E.M.
Oh and I saw 'A Band of Horses' Live. Turns out they aren't that good.

1 Aug 27
Kaneki avatar

i really like m2u's music (ineffabillis) ! middle island is also really good (achromat) ! reanimate - warak is also a nice piece :')

Aug 27
Eternal avatar

Pop,... in Asian-term, it's a wider Category that have more sub-Genres than Western classification of "Pop". Even those slow "ballady" songs and love-songs are considered "Pop" in Asia.
I listen to Mando-pop, K-pop, some J-pop, V-pop(I know zero Viet, but it's good to listen to), Malay(I'm fluent in Malay) and Filipino(OPM) Music, and any good English-Music(particularly Pop).
Almost all Asian-music is about "love" lol. There are attempts to improvise and deviate from this theme but I have yet to see that. English-music have already done it, from Love-songs from the 90's to modern-lyrics of today that is not mainly about "love".

Aug 28
HawtNoodle avatar

I mostly listen to Alstroemeria Records, EastNewSound, Demotori and music from games (Maplestory, kirby 64, banjo kazooie, etc...).

1 Aug 29
FriedClams avatar

The only song worth listening to is "Ice Cream" by Mr. Softee!

Sep 5
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