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Welp.. getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow.. what's the worst that I should expect?

3 4 756 Nov 2017


syrup avatar

Cute pic. Are you getting it done w/ or w/out sleepy-time gas? 2 teeth or 4? I did 2 w/out and it was fine. I think you build it up in your head but once the train starts moving you can't really get off so you just deal with it. And tbh it wasn't that bad, was kind of a relief to know that this was it and then that was out of my head forever. Gl and don't sweat it!

1 Nov 2017
makiyumi avatar

@syrup It's 2.. i' can't imagine them doing 4 teeth in one sitting.. holy..
My mum wanted it w/o the oral sedation since she has work and can't have me drugged up alone at my house lol
Thanks.. i'm already sweating bullets since i'm leaving in an hour and my dumb self decided to watch wisdom teeth extraction videos

Nov 2017
Quasar avatar

Pain afterwards with many blood. Ateing delicious solid food before wisdom tooths extraction is good idea.

Nov 2017 - Edited: Nov 06 2017
HawtNoodle avatar

I didn't really have any problems afterwards, was weird after hearing everyone experiencing a lot of garbage.

Nov 2017
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