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Making, Art, SpiderGirl
Spider Girl (sketch)
6 5
RedEyed: looks good waiting for colored version
Raginroxas: Monstergirls Are bae!
FriedClams: Good drawing! Celebrate with pan seared seabass with a cauliflower puree!
Illustration, Making, Art, Felt, Kept
Heart Forest (finished)
7 6
HawtNoodle: @captain: I like that idea since children's books allow me to make bigger pictures of the most important part of the story compared to comics where you have to draw everything in a small square. I'd like to continue the story of Yuuna The Adventurer some day.
Rtyu: You are becoming more powerful. What lies in the future!?
Basura: woa GJ that looks like nice videogame concept , gotta love the trees and that heart is like some creepy boss
Illustration, Making, Art
I'm just doing character Avatar concept
7 3
syrup: I really feel like your skill has greatly improved with this one. Everything seems in proper proportion and the clothes and hands and everything flows naturally. Keep up the good work!
FriedClams: Great drawing! Celebrate with Valentine's Day chocolate and candy that is 50% off!
Daimaohz: @Syrup thx, I was just using a mouse, I didnt bother taking out my drawing tablet from the drawer for some reason. @FriedClams can it be KFC? *wink*
Illustration, Making, Whatnot, Sketch, Maby
Valentine themed drawing (rough sketch)
5 2
captain: Nice! Fun! looking forward to the coloured in version. :)
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate on February 15 when Valentine's Day chocolate and candy are 50% off!
i don't think there's a team for artists so i was thinking of making one,, but the only team name i can think up is "sad artist" bc it describes me OOPS
1 3
Kaneki: o r actually i can probably just make a team name for myself so no one else gets offended. that's probably a better idea
syrup: or you just make one based on the kind of style you're hoping to attract. Like, AnimeIdols or AnimeFunArt or something :)
RedEyed: so when is the next black eye im getting
Illustration, Making, Art, OverwatchJunkrat
Overwatch Junkrat Fan Skin
3 3
Kaneki: all. those. details.
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate with scrambled eggs!
syrup: what @Kaneki said - so much detail.
Illustration, Making, Art, SlimeFangirl
Slime Fangirl (Finished)
7 4
Raginroxas: You color so fast! Im Jealous lol
HawtNoodle: @Raginroxas: I don't really consider it fast myself though, but thanks :P
RedEyed: the slime is adorable
Making, Art, PokemonSun, Nutshell, Tumblr
Hello, first time posting here being directed from MrBasil's message. Just thought I'd share one of my silly doodles from Pokemon Sun & Moon I posted on my tumblr not too long ago. It's my whole experience with the Battle Royal in a nutshell. x] making Art
5 2
syrup: Welcome! Nice work. I enjoy this kind of casual style. And I love anything with luchadores :D Moar plox.
blazi4ever: @syrup Thank you! :)
PaintstormStudi, Illustration, Making, Art
background test, this is just an image. I haven't started using sprite animation yet... I'm actually procrastinating *and crying from inside*.
Illustration, Making, Art, BLU
Team Fortress 2 T-shirt design (finished)
5 2
syrup: SO good. Wow.
FriedClams: Good drawing! Celebrate with chicken tenders with your choice of sauce!
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