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syrup: Oh man, RF, sorry to gush, but you are getting so good at these. It's really fun to read. I like the background textures you're using too=, like in the soul shard frame, that yellowish bit. And it's fun to see the use of in-game items floating around or the "10 soul shards". I hope you continue these!! :D
makiyumi: Wow you didn't even have wolf familiar outwhat a noob
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makiyumi: Praise craving isn't a bad thing at all, but it isn't a good thing to always have when sugar coating is obvious or not. What I find more offensive than blind criticism is sugar coating when it's highly obvious you know you're not improving.. Constant praise for non-quality effort leads to arrogance, and just the really bad and nasty sides of a human.. If you don't notice these behaviors soon, you'll sooner realize it, and it'll hit you, hard.Try thinking in a different mindsetI, for one, want to strive for greatness, not for praise, but for having a colorful portfolio to show my recruiter when I want to become an independent animator one day when i'm older.Every one thinks differently, I know, it isn't much of a confusing subject either. There's a reason why you get praised that much, and that's because of the efforts you put into your work and originality. Keep practicing dude, Rome wasn't built in a day y'know.
Gengar: I think the biggest problem with criticism is that people misuse what it actually is. People treat it as a way to attack someone when in reality it's just "hey this was great but I also think you should work better on this" not "hey this clearly looks like x or this is obviously your first art piece". REAL criticism shouldn't make you feel like dirt, and if it does, they aren't doing it right.
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syrup: Have you tried Google Play? I'm with you - itunes SUCKS. I find google play to be quite usable. That said, I loved my Android until I got too good of a deal on an iphone SE to pass up. :/ Would prefer to be on Android. Curious to hear what you end up with.
random87: @syrup I've tried a few of the other methods of getting music on your phone, but I want a rather large number of songs on my phone, so most of them aren't ideal in that situation.Having said that, I haven't tried Google Play yet, so I might give it a try.I'll probably end up still using my Iphone, once every few months when I try to get new music on there I hate it, but the other 360 days of the year it all works fine.I might reset everything, see if that works, if so my Iphone lives to get smashed some other day.Buying a new one seems a bit dramatic, and I really don't want another phone.Mainly because of the size of the Iphone, I don't want to carry around a large phone.I don't spend much time one the internet, don't play mobile games, so bigger is only an inconvenience.Obviously there are smaller phones that run Android, but I feel like most of the time they're the "budget range", and I don't want a cheap piece of plastic either.
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