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Nostalgia.. I remember the first time I played this game which was about twelve years ago which is when I was about seven. Then one of my brothers found out this back in his pre-teen years & became obsessed with it. He would do line drawings of most of the characters that I just wanted to keep all of them for myself! Haha.. I'm glad to see Square Enix continuing this game. It's hard to catch up since I haven't been paying attention of this game. Also have seen the KH 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue opening.. looks exciting!!
Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved [Extended w/ DL Link] - Youtube
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captain: I never tried this out back in the day. It was quite popular tho, eh? What'd you like about it? The mix of characters from different story-lines kind of weirded me out, iirc :D
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I recently finished playing Xenoblade Chronicles (available now from the Nintendo eShop!). It was pretty damn awesome, dood. I gotta be honest, I was really freaked out during the last part of the game. 188 hours? Well, I spent most of the time listening to the BGMs, it's worth a listen even if you haven't played the game yet. I didn't want to leave Mechonis Field because the tune was just as good as Gaur Plain. Certain places gets blocked off the further you progress, but thankfully there is New Game+ thing. You can carry over levels, party member's affinity, gems, some equips, and some other stuff. I do want to play through this game again because I missed a lot of stuff like quests and the complete reconstruction of Colony 6, but there are other games to play, and I've been playing this game since the beginning of December along with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which I did get to finish as well.
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captain: Initially I thought you were talking about Xenogears, a totally different beast. I haven't actually heard of Xenoblade. I'm keen to see that part 2 is coming out on Switch as it looks really cool. Thanks for the heads up.It's refreshing to hear your occasional updates about completions. I look forward to more. I'm curious - are there any games you just totally gave up on due to difficulty / frustration?
DeeMon: @captain I gave up on trying to beat Rodin in Bayonetta 2, he's just too crazy and powerful as hell. You can die in 2-3 hits with two full bars of health... This is the last bewitchment I need for this game.Then there's Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360, I gave up on a certain boss because it was too difficult to dodge its attacks and I kept dying. Gotta go back to that game some day.Shinobi for the PS2 also had some difficult parts. I think it was either another boss I had trouble with or a certain part of the game with some weird enemies.Ikaruga, I think I only completed 4 levels on that game. It's a bullet hell game. Bullets everywhere.F-Zero GX's story mode on very hard difficulty. I only completed like 3/9 on very hard. You can unlock pilots from the F-Zero AX arcade version by beating very hard difficulty. I kind of cheated and imported a save file with all of the pilots unlocked, I just couldn't do something insane like that.Hyrule Warriors has some really hard missions on the adventure maps, but all it really requires is higher level characters, and it takes a really long time to grind everyone.I also didn't do the Temple levels for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze yet, I just wanted to do the regular levels and beat the game. The Temple levels takes a long time to perfect them.
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WatchGintama: @random87 There's also the xaphoon and Nuvo dood. I'm trying to find something to learn and I can bring with me (pocketable or portable)
random87: @watchgintama How about an Ukulele? I've watched some reviews/people struggling to play on this littlesax thing, and it doesn't seem all that easy :O Whereas I know from my own experience that the Ukulele actually is as easy to learn as people tend to tell you it is.Since it's also a more "conventional" instrument I think finding guides and songs to play is probably a bit simpler.
WatchGintama: @random87 I had reed/wood wind experience in school so I thought this would be easier for me. Never played a string instrument so I don't know how quick I can pick up an ukulele
Just realized DJ Okawari released an album! Full album download is available in iTunes. Loved his work since One For U (I recommend listening to this song)! /hearteyes
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syrup: Not bad, how about some DJ Shadow?
Kaneki: or.. dj-jo !!
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