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NoledgeProductions, Lyricks, Hiphop, JetLag, YOX YEAR OF THE OX - JET LAG - Youtube
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tabs: I think Rich Chigga makes fun music, but it's nothing mind-blowing. I've listened to Keith Ape since he went by Kid Ash; I gotta say that before he dipped his toes into the trap scene, he was much more entertaining due to how versatile he was in terms of switching his flow up. He's still pretty good and the production on his songs are still pretty catchy, but nothing has beaten his project with G2 yet in my honest opinion.
captain: Any other recommendations for some under water squad or jetlag style? Into KOHH's contribution on 'it g ma' too. What else you listening to?
Playstation, Squaresoft, Shimomura, Download, Amateur Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved [Extended w/ DL Link] - Youtube
Nostalgia.. I remember the first time I played this game which was about twelve years ago which is when I was about seven. Then one of my brothers found out this back in his pre-teen years & became obsessed with it. He would do line drawings of most of the characters that I just wanted to keep all of them for myself! Haha.. I'm glad to see Square Enix continuing this game. It's hard to catch up since I haven't been paying attention of this game. Also have seen the KH 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue opening.. looks exciting!!
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captain: I never tried this out back in the day. It was quite popular tho, eh? What'd you like about it? The mix of characters from different story-lines kind of weirded me out, iirc :D
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