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Highschool, Maplestory, Yellonde, Helloim, Flute
Chrispy avatar helloim Chris! I'm a senior in highschool, just finishing up college apps yeet. I play on the yellonde server in Maplestory, started around (when Monster Carnival/Cygnus classes came out ~v72). Made a Battle Mage when they came out in 2010 and it is still my main to this day. ... more
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syrup: Hey buddy, nice to meet you too! Let's see some of those photos when you get a chance. Or pics of your BM.
Kaneki: HEY PAL welcome to BZL !!!! you will like it here maybe hopefully!! everyone seems to be nice here so! once you actually get into photography, hmu w/ some neat pics :^)
MapleStory, Helloim, Bishop, Windia, Playing
H helloim Hollie! I play in the Windia server of MapleStory and have been playing the same main character since 2006. (Super loyal to my bishop. ) ... more
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FriedClams: Welcome! Cookies are delicious! Cakes are delicious! What is your favorite cookie to bake? What is your favorite cake to bake?
Hollie: Thanks FriedClams! Chocolate chip cookies for sure, and cake wise I'd say a plain old Victoria sponge! :)
Helloim, Anime, Games, Game, Goes
captain avatar helloim captain! I started bzl.co as a way for my fellow in-game buddies and I to keep in touch if/when they / I moved on from whatever game I was into at the moment. You know how it goes - you get to know someone really well while grinding endless weeks to hit your goals or working together with others on a strategy to take down a boss, and then RL happens and you lose touch. ... more
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HawtNoodle: I'm really liking this site, you did a fine job :)
Duzz: I love the site and its design. I'm happy that you built it from the ground up instead of changing basil itself.
MapleStory, Helloim, Update, Games, Jack
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Kaneki: i like that positivity at the end there
captain: Nice range on the DK! Wow, did you spend a long time on pots/cubes? Wasn't aware of event prizes for 200, will have to look for that info as I'm 198.When you say invested in your car, do you mean payments or did you trick it out as well? As you say - fortunate that you are all well if the car was bad enough that it's a goner! The next one is ALWAYS better. :)
Helloim, Raphaella, Pokemon, Gotham, Latale Helloim, Raphaella, Pokemon, Gotham, Latale
Gengar avatar helloim Raph, short for Raphaella. I like Pokemon , food, and naps. I have an eh/hate relationship with maple (sometimes I play Latale to get away from it). Occasionally I watch anime (but I don't take advice on what to watch) I also yell at tv shows (like Gotham) ... more
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syrup: Well, hey hey!
Gengar: @WatchGintama : It's [email protected] : Pls send [email protected] : [email protected] : I can tell you already, nothin [email protected] : https://media.giphy.com/media/tROG1csej0ihG/giphy-facebook_s.jpg