Shark Chef~
This was mainly practice/experimenting because I focus on drawing female characters most of the time.

June 14, 2021

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There's so much detail here! Like that ham fruit thing (what?!). Big fan of the shading too. Did you the shirt as some kind of pattern fill or you just do each one by hand?

Reply June 15, 2021

@captain I drew one flower and just copy pasted it a buncha times, for more "complicated" patterns I don't draw them one by one.

reply June 15, 2021

@HawtNoodle ahh ok, that still sounds time-consuming and tricky as you've got depth and layers and all that shading. How much time did you spend on this? You have to have quite a portfolio at this point!

reply June 16, 2021

@captain I worked on it since the 25th of may but in really small pieces because I wasn't really feeling like drawing in general, sketching eats up the most time because I'm a perfectionist and I want the underlaying anatomy to be perfect, even if it gets covered with clothes later on. I'd say an avarage drawing takes about 8 hours which mostly includes me not drawing and talking to friends on Discord lmao. I could probably speed things up by making my sketches more sketchlike because atm they're basically rough lineart. But doing so wouldn't make me feel comfortable.

reply June 19, 2021

@HawtNoodle haha! You nailed it, and I think this applies to most creativity - so much time is spent getting the mind INTO a creative state (chatting, listening, reading, etc). It's been fun seeing you progress and learn about your technique a bit.

reply June 23, 2021