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Games, Wich

Today I reached 4000 hours on one of my favorite games of all time wich is Team Fortress 2.
May there be many more hours to come.

0 June 25, 2017


i may or may not reached 2000 hours in ffxiv in 6 months ughh rip my social life
Reply June 27, 2017

AND you do all the artwork you do. What else do you do with your time? And how come you have 46 achievements left? *tsk tsk*.

And why the heck was I not following you yet!?!?

Reply June 26, 2017
HawtNoodle @syrup I have/had too much free time, I also play this game for roughly 6 years.
reply June 26, 2017

That's 500 entire work days :O
Minus vacation/holidays that's 2 proper years of working a full-time job :O

Reply June 25, 2017
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