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Emojis, MaplestorySlimes

Maplestory Slimes as a few Discord emojis
It began with the Thinking Slime as a joke... then I decided to make more.

1 April 30, 2018


These are too cute!! Did Nexon Senpai notice?
Reply 3w
HawtNoodle @captain I think a few where chosen for the Maplestory or Maplestory 2 Discord as part of a contest. But I don't really remember.
reply 2w
Great emojis! Celebrate with garlic honey salmon!
Reply May 1, 2018

one of these is not like the other !!

these are so cute omg :')

Reply May 1, 2018
Reply April 30, 2018
HawtNoodle @Beefly It was me, but I don't have any humanity left because of it. 🤣🤣🤣
reply April 30, 2018 (Edit: 2018-4-30)
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