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Mimi The Mimic

It's Mimi from the game Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls.
(Check the game out on Steam, it's free and VERY good imo.)

0 January 8, 2017


@syrup: I guess I misunderstood what you said, my bad

Reply January 9, 2017

modesty shmodesty. I didn't say Khimera's art style is bad. I said yours was better. That said, that game's art style is clearly amateur. I'm glad you brought up Shovel Knight because that is an example of another game whose art style is far better than Khimera's. It has depth and richness. That said, I haven't played Khimera and am not commenting on whether it's a good game or not, simply that I prefer your art style over theirs.

Reply January 9, 2017

@syrup: It's kinda unfair to call a game's art style bad when it's aimed to look like old 2D platformers, like Shovel Knight did.
@RedEyed: You mostly need to know 3D aswell for that, wich I can.. but not good enough. I'm thinking about taking 3D classes once the school I'm aiming for decides to switch to Maya instead of 3Ds Max.

Reply January 8, 2017

ya should work for games for arts

Reply January 8, 2017

omgawd, so good. Cut it out already. Your art is over 9000x better than that game / art.

Reply January 8, 2017

Nice drawing! Celebrate Sour Patch Kids!

Reply January 8, 2017
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