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games, PSP, Netherawards, Prinny, Dood
DeeMon avatar

Finally got all the Netherawards in Prinny 2, dood. The Netheraward that took the longest to get was the 10,000 hip pound one. Seriously, dood? There's still more to do in this game, I still have to get S rank on all stages on Normal and Hell's Finest difficulty, and there's DLC I haven't tried yet.
Didn't complete the first game yet, so I'll have to go back to that sometime.
Imgur playing PSP

1 4 679 Nov 2016


syrup avatar

Those look so much like MS medals at first I thought it was some weird new game mode. Gz

Nov 2016
DeeMon avatar

@syrup Never thought about it that way. Now I really want a prinny medal, dood.

Nov 2016
captain avatar

Hey, never heard of this, it looks pretty cool. Is it a Metroidvania or just straight platformer?

Nov 2016
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