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Skyforge, games, PS4
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Skyforge has come to PS4 which is pretty cool. It's the same as the PC version, but since I don't have a gaming PC anymore this is really awesome. Definitely going to sink some hours into this.

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Skyforge from My.com? lol! The same Publisher that is hosting my MMO Revelation Online. Since you don't have Gaming-PC anymore, I think that would do for your situation, but really, you need PC if you want to venture to MMO. I would recommend PC. And Bless Online is coming-out (I think Fall-2017 for the Closed-BETA), and it is a heavily-Traditional-MMO(with Instanced-Dungeon that has Gear-drops. Levelling, you would do it mostly in the Open-World through Grind), that is something good to get involved with.
Traditional-MMO, Grind, Farming, Open-World(and you are not forced to Instances only) = better Immersion like Black Desert.

Apr 2017
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@EternalMemory - yes, that's the same Skyforge, just released for PS4 now!

Nah, I'm not interested in a gaming PC anymore I don't play enough to warrant it, and I'm happy with the games available on PS4 or which run smoothly on my bootcamped Mac Book Pro

Apr 2017
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