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This is Ragnarok Online Re: Restart by Warp-Portal. I know!
Because the map is Classic and not Renewal (different in Revo-Classic-Thailand, where the Map is Renewal and the system is Classic) this Map is the Hodes-map(or Magnolia, since the Hodes seems to not be present here), a great training-place for level 30+ if you cannot go Geo(because of range). This is why you have the Metaller and those Cactus in this Map, it's iRO-Classic, not the Thai's Revo-Classic. At level 60, your Assassin should be in HO.(this map is too low for you). And the Snake-Hat, give that to your Mule. You have the Double-Attack from your Thief-Class, it really is useless to your Class.
Ever since EXE have turned to SEA-exclusive, I moved to iRO - Re : Restart(like I have any choice!), so welcome to my world! We are in the same Server! This has to be Odin, I'm 100% sure!

Actually, this Map is for level 20+, you know, an alternate to Wolf. Sorry for the confusion as I am not that familiar with the Classic-Map. At level 30+, what I do is use my connection and go GH(Skel-Prisoner/Zombie-Prisoner) in a Party("connection", as in "they will provide you the leech". You are an Assassin, so your asset to a Party is not good. No range, no mobbing, no support, no pulling) or a smart-way is to leech it from an Archer(your own Alt) and go Geo, or solo in Lutie(Cruisers/Myst-Cases) where Drops are good and EXP is not that bad. This will shoot you to 50 where you can go Clock-Tower-Aldebaran, then HO, and so on.
As in "most-annoying", this is not it! You gonna hate Harpies, Demon-Pungus, Rideword, Mimic, and Alarm more! I have to go Overweight(as a Class with no STR) and burn a lot of resources because of those.(they are not even worth killing! Aside from burning a lot of resources to kill them, they inflict Status-Effect at a high-rate. So it is best that you just Teleport-away!) I have swore a lot, more than anything in this game, because of those. It will really slow-down your training by a lot! (especially in Geo, instead of fast-levelling, you will Teleport a lot, carry a lot, and restock often, that the place become less viable! )

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This looks cute!

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