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The steam link is on sale for $20. It streams your main PC to the TV but needs a wired cable or 5Ghz wireless to be stable. I have one and its okay... Avoid the steam controller though. playing PC

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@captain Resolution/quality is nice. You need wired or strong AC/5Ghz wireless if you're gonna use this though. I've brought it to a friends house without wired internet and it was laggy. So it depends.

My main complaint is that you can only show the game on the TV. You can't read discord on a 2nd TV/Monitor like I would on my regular desktop. You can control steam's music player but not external apps (chrome, foobar2000 etc) while playing games. Basically its like running a fullscreen game on a single monitor.

personally I haven't used it THAT much since I prefer having two monitors. This device just streams your PC to it like a VNC but with less lag for gaming. It also works with AMD while something like Limelight is Nvidia only.

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Why just ok? How's the resolution / video quality? Any lag?

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It's very tempting but I don't play anywhere else in my home