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Nintendo, games, TMSFE, WiiU, PaperMario
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Oh look, it's Marth again. I didn't expect Paper Mario: Color Splash to be so short, so I'm gonna try this Lunatic difficulty for TMS ♯FE. Yes, it wasn't the crossover everyone was expecting, but at least the tunes are good. And you know what the frickted up part is? You have to play through the game again to unlock certain play records and awards. This costume only becomes available after starting a new game after a clear data, and doing so also unlocks an award.
playing Nintendo WiiU TMSFE

1 3 330 Jun 2017


DeeMon avatar

I also forgot Chrom was in this game too. Well, it's not really Chrom, more of a mirage of him: Imgur
And these are my awards so far, and what play records and awards are: Imgur
I think I need to unlock 7 more play records and 4 more awards.

Jun 2017
syrup avatar

oh man, I'm so glad you did that and not me. I live vicariously through you DeeMon!

Jun 2017
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I heard the game was pretty good for what it was; It just wasnt the game we expected. Super Saiyan Marth!

Jun 2017
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