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Coarse hair. 37th. 7934 total levels. The ign is Captain + Swanna, the Pokemon. I don't know, maybe I was playing a Pokemon game at the time. Guess I was also thinking of F-Zero's Captain Falcon, so I wanted to get some kind of water bird because pirates.

I'll keep it short. Corsair was the better of the gun user classes in my opinion. A variety of different summons, 4 from Scurvy Summons/All Aboard/Ahoy Mateys, 4 from Broadside, and 1 from Octo-Cannon. I actually didn't use Broadside or Octo-Cannon that much, the duration was just way too short. Corsair does get a free soaring Broadside mount at level 150, so that's something unique for them. It's possible to keep the Broadside mount after job changing to a different pirate.

I know BasilMarket is for MapleStory related stuff, but all those achievement threads are locked and I didn't want to bother any mods or Mr. Basil every time I wanted to post something. My stuff would have been lost in the sea of threads anyways, but over here on BZL, it's all in one place. I do try to merge another gaming story with these level 200 screenshots.

I finished the story of Paper Mario: Color Splash. It's actually a very short game, took me about 15 days to get through it. I didn't 100% complete it yet, I still need to collect more cards for the museum and do all the Roshambo Temples to unlock the last banner in Port Prisma. I did unlock all the music. The game did get more enjoyable near the end.
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Paper Mario: Color Splash stuff (spoilers?) :
The whole map colored: Imgur
The menu thing on the GamePad: Imgur
Rainbow Road: Imgur
Luigi Kart 8: Imgur
Remember falling off the first time you played it?: Imgur
Death stare: Imgur
Something you can try: Imgur

Jun 2017
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Cool, gz! A little confuzzled on why the Paper Mario paragraph + comment are here?

Jun 2017
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@captain Because I didn't want all BZL stories to be just MapleStory stuff. And so I wouldn't spam and push everyone else's story down the page.

Jun 2017
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@DeeMon: oh I wasn't sure cuz I know my AC is sometimes off-the-charts funny.

Jun 2017
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