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Finally, Legendary Legion. 36 attackers! Totally worth it, dood. I'm glad I was able to achieve this during the half off rank up event thing. If we didn't have this event, it would have taken another month.

I went with Buff Duration because it can be useful for some skills like Dark Knight's Sacrifice, Xenon's OOPArts Code, and a lot of other skills that I can't think of right now, but you get the point. It's actually 60% Buff Duration with the Mechanic Member Bonus.

I had to log on each of my characters to reset Hyper Critical Rate, and from what I've seen, Shade might have the lowest crit rate out of everyone at 20%. But with Legion, link skills and Decent Sharp Eyes, it's 100%. Every one of my characters can crit all the time now. This is amazing, dood.


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5 1093 2017-7-13


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Congratulations! Celebrate with mango ice cream with whipped cream!

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*sigh* this is really cool, I very much envy your commitment. It's quite seeing you get those numbers! Must be very rewarding too.

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Nice. Meanwhile I'm here trying for 6000 just to get the whole board up.

1 2017-7-13