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Super Saiyan. 38th. Uhh, there's a Legion ranking now, so I guess I don't have to type total levels here anymore.
For some reason, it uses my Demon Avenger instead of Hayato, not sure how to change that. Oh well. I was expecting to be rank 300 or something since I'm still a really big noob, but rank 5 in Scamia at the time of typing this.
The ign is Dragon Ball Z related, Dragon + Brawler.
This is the last of my Adventurer characters and the 4th and final Ultimate Adventurer that I created so long ago. The other three were Paladin, F/P Arch Mage and Marksman. The only Adventurer I don't have is Bishop, and that depends if nexon will friggin' expand the maximum character slots for frick sakes.

It took a day to get used to Buccaneer's slow attack speed. I'm not saying they are slow, it just felt slow compared to most other class's attacks. Charged Octopunch looked like I was punching with Beedrill (the Pokemon) hands, I kind of preferred the uncharged animation since it actually looked like punches.
You know what else would have been nice? It they gave Buccaneer Instant Transmission from Dragon Ball series. It could have acted like Blaze Wizard's Flashfire, where you can set up a teleport point. It would've helped with getting around big maps and stuff, but I guess Double Blast's range was good enough.
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Where's the legion levels counter at? gz!!

1 2017-6-25
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@captain It's on the MapleStory rankings page. There's this Legion button next to Maple Runner and Fame.



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