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Running dungeons with my partner in RevelationOnline. We're currently sitting at level 29, and so far it's been mostly solo-play which is a bit off-putting.

The main storyline quests are 99% solo instanced so I'm not sure if/when group play will become more prominent. I joined a guild though, so the social aspect has certainly improved
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Thanks for the tips @EternalMemory; however, we've lost interest in the game due to the lack of content we could complete together during the early stages of the game.

The content you've mentioned was not intuitive or obvious as a new player to RO, and alas, we played how we would play any other MMORPG - by trying to progress through the main story and pick up side quests & do dungeons in each area as we go along.

We've gone to Diablo III again, hahah.

I do appreciate the information you've provided though, but this game just didn't grab us

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@benevolentia You are not levelling properly. It should take you 4 hours to get to level 40 from nothing. and maybe 5 days(if you play casually) to get to 49. The Storyline-Quest and Orange-Quests are not your source of Experience, it shouldn't be as they are not a good-source! Do your MH-Trial everyday, do your 4-Kings everyday(this can stack 3-times), do your Spa everyday(this can stack 5-times), do your Scour-Dungeon(the latest for your level-bracket with your 2-times from Muril), and do your 3-weekly Lampy-Creek(the 25-step-quest. or Sulan or whatever it is for your level-bracket. do it with full 5-member-party for best-EXP-gain). These are your source of Experience and not the storyline that you talk about. If you play like me, this should take you 3 days. Gearing your Character, everything normal(not intricate, not strengthen) Handcrafting Blueprints. Once you get to 59, just throw those trash. At 49 and even 59, it is not worth your time to go the Synthesis-way at this current-situation. Just handcraft it out because they are cheap. You don't have to die for them. So 49 and 59, you will handcraft everything. This is what I recommend.
These are the servers that you should be playing on. Either one of these.
Snowpine = Windia
Darkfall = Scania
(the cool-kids are all in Snowpine! Snowpine is hottest-Server to date!)

Not these;
Tusenwood = GRAZED or Galicia
Muroc = Broa/Khaini

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@EternalMemory - I mean, that totally makes sense, but we enjoy doing things together, and so far that's just not possible in RO. It seems like the group content is end-game and we just need to rush our levelling to that point solo. It's a bit disappointing as enjoying an MMO comes from progressing through it together.

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It took me a week hun to get to 49 and fully gear my Mule with level 49-Gold-set. That is 1 week while I focus my attention mostly on my Main. You don't need to farm DS when the Mats have deflated now because everyone are level 5x ~ 6x, in fact, you don't even need Synthesis, Normal-Handcrafting should be enough to last you while the high-levels can carry. If I focus my attention, then it will take me only 3 days to get these done. (how? because I know what to do) What you need to do is get to 49, pay to Normal-Handcraft everything through Blueprints, get to 59, again, Blueprint everything out because 59-Blueprints are now cheap and useless to most high-levels like me, get to 69, then you can do what I'm doing, which will require me to elaborate in details. Your priority is to rush your levelling because the economy for low-level-Gears and stuff, have deflated by a lot. Why would you take your time given you have these already established. The purpose is for you to catch-up, because as you can see, you are the few who are low-level. (very-low-level, 2x!) You can see that Darkfall is dead, who else is doing it when majority are level 5x to 6x. This is how I would do it on a fresh-mule.

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Those proportions are on point