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Games similar to MapleStory?

Question MMO - Maple Story

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Like many of you I got tired of some of the glaring issues with MapleStory (pay to play, lag, hackers...) but miss the art style and community. I'm curious what games you're all playing these days or have you found any that fill the void that MapleStory left (if you did leave it).

On that note, do any of you still Maple? What're you enjoying about it most these days?

17 268 Aug 23


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i personally like to play osu! and the occasional terraria with my buddies. osu! actually judges you on your skill and although there are the occasional hackers, there are usually people to give them a lil shout out same with terraria-ish (excluding the skill part, because you could honestly take your sweet time and still enjoy the game).

i still log on from time to time. maybe once or twice a month? but every time i log on, there's really nothing to note. there's usually some event to boost your range, but even with that.. all the people who cash on the game will still obviously come out on top :^)))

oh, i also occasionally play elsword!! even though it's hardly any fun without a friend around

1 Aug 24
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@Kaneki Interesting. So that cash mechanic hasn't changed at all? So you only play those two games? You don't play other MMO's?

Aug 24 - Edited: Aug 29 2017
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@captain Maplestory is not Pay-to-Play. Pay-to-Play are MMOs that require a non-optional("necessary") time-based-Subscription to play. Maplestory however, is Free-to-Play with Cash-Shop-Micro-Transactions that is very Pay-to-Win. Pay-to-Play and Pay-to-Win are different Business-Models.
To answer your curiosity, I am no longer, for very long since, play Maplestory, and will no longer go back to it, no matter what circumstances. Reasons, are we already know why. I do not need to further elaborate the obvious.

MMOs that I played in the recent; are Revelation Online, Ragnarok Online(the Revo-Classic PH-Server), and Luna Online(the relaunched Msia-Server).
To tell you the truth, I was biased with Revelation Online since it's a Chinese-MMO. It was endorsed by AngelaBaby with AngelaBaby-NPC in Sulan. If you are not Chinese, you probably would have not heard of her, but she is one of my favorite actress. The game is very beautiful aesthetically and we have one of the most attractive and cutest girly-Cosmetics that I have seen in an MMO so far. PVP is the only strength of Revelation Online (the PVE is garbage in this game). The PVP is also one of the best that I have seen from all MMOs so far because it is very large-scale(the whole-Server can participate in CW. That's thousands right there!) and with ability to fly and engage in air. But PVP comes with the downside of it being very hard to compete and the game turning Pay-to-Win(like Archeage). So to summarize Revelation Online, I would say that it's an MMO that looks good aesthetically and has the best wardrobe of Cosmetics a girl-gamer can dream of, the best PVP-experience but it's Pay-to-Win, heavily contested, and very hard to compete (unless you no-life it out), garbage PVE, and the game completely being mishandled by the useless good-for-nothing Publisher My.com.

Ragnarok Online and Luna Online are foreign-Servers(SEA-Servers), are region-locked, and requires VPN. I tried them because it promises the Classic, a large community, and I speak the local-languages. I quitted because the game put me in disadvantages being an outsider(a foreigner). Examples are Promos exclusive and only attainable to locals, disadvantages of timezone-difference very biased to locals(2x-EXP-Events that were impossible for me to meet), latency-issues, and weeks of setbacks from IP-Block.

I am currently playing nothing but will soon move to Dual Universe (Closed-Alpha). A Sci-fi-themed-MMO will do since I have always fantasized about Astronomy/Cosmology and an MMO revolving around this concept is something I can look forward getting addicted-to(especially if it's player-driven-dynamic).

2 Aug 25
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@EternalMemory cool. Good to have your input, you're such a hardcore player. I can only imagine what you were like during your time with MapleStory, which seems so child-like in compoarison. Will be interesting to see how Dual Universe plays out!

Aug 25
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@captain When I was in Maplestory, I no-lifed it out, I really did, but the game was really unplayable and just a money-pit, so I quitted. The pre-Alpha for Dual-Universe will be available to all the Backers at September 30th (as per Official-Announcement). September 30th is the definite-date and that's only for pre-Alpha. Instead of me doing nothing, I would rather use that pre-Alpha and start planning as early as that. I have no other choice! Bless Online will surely be delayed, do not hope for it! They are developing (according to rumors) a Console-version(Cross-Platform) of the game(Bless Online), putting further strains on the release. Bless Online has been delayed and it will take them more than 1-year to Localize that game in English and have Betas. Blade and Soul took 4 CBTs(that's more than 1-year) and Revelation Online had been in CBT for almost a year, this doesn't include the Localization and Voice-Acting, and ofcourse, the re-Development-process(which is going on now). Bless Online is doomed in the West, if it should release, I already would have delivered, raised, and trained a Thoroughbred-horse even if I am to start the selective-breeding of it's lineage just right now. I need a realistic-approach! I would have stayed in Revelation Online but that game died so quick and it's dead now due to mismanagement. So my attention has turned to Dual Universe even if I have to give-up the beautiful Cosmetics this game could never offer because it is Space-themed.

Aug 25
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I've never found anything which fills the void quite like MapleStory.. So yes, I still Maple, but my server of choice is 'frowned upon' lol >_>

2 Aug 25
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@captain I think she meant the ones with least population (not the Scania and Windia). While it's a personal-choice, I would rather prefer the big-populated-Servers (whatever that have the most a game could offer). Yes, that does affect your overall experience, static, and difficulty(due to smaller economy, hence you will work harder to cover your expenses, less leverage, and less people to interact, meaning less fun) in that game. So I prefer the biggest-Servers due to stated-reasons. It's also my means of not missing-out and not living in an island(my own idiom of seeing the big picture and overseeing all possible options).

Aug 27
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Latale is basically the only other game I know that plays the most similar to maple (2d side scrolling mmo). It does have less people, but I heard it's getting bigger after a new company took it over.

1 Aug 26
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Thanks @Gengar. Do you play it? It looks very clearly to take many cues from MS, but just doesn't have that same spark.

Aug 27
HawtNoodle avatar

I've played a good amount of LaTale and Ghost Online in the past, they're quite similar to MS in a sense of a pixelart-ish 2D scrolling online mmorpg with classes and different job stages.

3 Aug 29
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thanks @HawtNoodle . watching Ghost Online it looks / feels so much like MapleStory it's crazy! But LaTale looks quite budget, don't you think? What're you playing these days?

Sep 1
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@syrup Ghost Online actually closed down a long time ago (I think it got reopened though and also renamed, idk the name anymore) Latale is a lot of fun but the mechanics can feel clunky. (Sorry only saw your response just now).

Sep 9
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