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Food, Popcorn

Today is the perfect day to enjoy some popcorn shrimp! food

0 February 18, 2017


Thank you @EternalMemory for the kind words! Celebrate with grilled haddock with lemon and ginger!

Reply February 18, 2017

You meant a Shrimp-Tempuri! Both are breaded but one is processed. I just looked this up right now and it can be bought almost pre-made. (you have to do some frying, just like Fries.)Also, Popeyes have them?
Shrimp is a good and healthy food to have. Aside from Seafoods, Fish, and Chicken, these are one of the only meat-source that I can eat. I really do not eat Red-Meat.
Thanks for the suggestion. @FriedClams, you really do like food! Being so passionate, I really hope you can turn this to a sustainable-business someday.

Reply February 18, 2017
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