Starbase Event Montage 2021

A buy-to-play MMORPG with no subscription requirement.
System requirement:
1060ti, 1600x minimum (you cannot run this game on less than 6gb vram)
1080ti, 1700x recommended

June 20, 2021

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@captain The game is 3 years delayed so it's been in development for 8 years now. The game is finally coming out this July 29th. What a game like this can offer me is the ability to design and build static and dynamic constructs with mechanical and damage mechanics with FPS combat on the scale of an MMO. I enjoy designing constructs. This is a game for me to build and enjoy the sandbox with the community. They designed this game for the more casual audiences unlike it's competitor who is struggling to make their game playable. The building fundamentals in this game is designed for the casuals as I said, but you got to understand that this is a building game. A building game is dependent on your creativity no matter what.

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Looks pretty advanced!

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