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I decided I'm going to waste my weekend watching some American Pie movies!
I'm simultaneously Proud, embarrassed, and surprised that I know a whoooooole bunch of quotes even though the last time I watched those movies was more than 5 years ago

July 29, 2017

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Pie is delicious!

Reply July 30, 2017

How many are there that you can waste a whole weekend watching them? Or are you talking about all the extras too?

I never watched any yet, but I see the main guy guest appear on Chelsea Handler's Netflix show all the time. Really funny!

Reply July 30, 2017

@syrup As far as I know there's 8!
The first three are the main ones, that started it all.
After that there's one stand-alone movie (4), and then there's two that go together (5,6), another stand-alone (7), and finally a fourth movie that continues the story of the first three (8).
So you really don't have to watch them all in one weekend, and I'm not planning to either.
I'm going to watch 5,6, and some of the stand-alone movies, save the "original" series for some other weekend.

reply July 30, 2017