Hello there BZLers good to see some of you are still around!

Having not been here for some time I feel like it's time for my yearly BZL update.
I think only the captain remembers me, but it doesn't matter much, I think I'm mainly writing this update for myself.

Still living.
Still loving plants.
Steadily getting older.
Feeling slightly wiser.
Still learning to accept myself.
Still stressing myself out over minor things.
Still loving my motorcycle.
Steadily trying more new things every year.

Getting back into reading, reading more books with some kind of philosophical moral to them than I did before.
Starting to enjoy a lot of activities I previously deemed to be for old people, like taking a language-course and discussing books.
I'd love to start a book club with friends because I feel like some books have more to teach me than I understood a first read, misunderstood, or maybe never even noticed.
I also think discussing books might help me to remember them better.
I remember some books that at the time of reading set me alight with new ideas and ways of thinking, but later remembering those things only vaguely.

That's about all for this years update,
I hope to read this in a few months and be able to reflect on these things again, see what's changed.

How have you guys been?


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Good to see you're still doing plants! I think I remember you saying that you had a tank you were trying to set up. Did that every go through?

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This site is weird, dood.
I'm still waiting for freedom.

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i cant change my profile pic

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