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Washing Machine. 35th. 7879 total levels. The ign is just Atom + Mechanic. Maybe I wanted Automechanic, but it was taken. I don't know, so embarrassing, dood. I'm also done with all the Resistance classes now.

The nerf to Heavy Salvo Plus isn't that bad. It sort of balances itself with the robot summons. Had it not been nerfed, people wouldn't be using the robot summons that often, or at all.
Rock 'n Shock does get a lot better once Cooldown Cutter is unlocked (level 183). I'd say it's equivalent to unlocking I/L Arch Mage's Teleport Mastery - Range hyper passive skill boost, because it makes Teleport so much better.
Heavy Salvo Plus kind of felt like Wild Hunter's Wild Arrow Blast while mounted on the jaguar, both skills hitting twice at fast speeds, but Heavy Salvo Plus is a bit slower. Not only that, but Distortion Bomb is very similar to Wild Hunter's Hunting Assistant Unit. Feels like they got lazy with skills here.
Giant Robot SG-88 reminds me of a Skell, Alexa (from XCX) would probably like playing Mechanic. She would talk about all the different color palettes you can choose for the Mech. Very obsessively.

Saturday (June 3rd) was a bad day for me, all these loud noises and annoying people and stuff. Some dumb, stubborn kill stealers and hackers who steal training maps in MapleStory too. Horrible, dood.
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0 June 5, 2017

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