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games, MapleStory, 27th, Arch, Dood, Hitbox, HyperTeleportMastery
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Ice Lightning Arch Mage was shockingly cool, dood. 27th. 7655 total levels. I was surprised at the teleport range after getting Hyper Teleport Mastery - Range, it's really good and it definitely helped with training. I think those who miss Luminous's teleport range should try an I/L Arch Mage. Chain Lightning might not have the big range of Reflection, but if the mob's hitbox thing is large enough, it can go through multiple platforms. playing MapleStory

0 April 3, 2017

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Just jumped back on MS after a couple of years off - made an I/L. Glad to hear it was a fun class.

Reply April 5, 2017

holy levels batman!

Reply April 4, 2017

Congratulations! Celebrate with chocolate ganache truffles!

Reply April 3, 2017

cool, congrats!

Reply April 3, 2017