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Another 2x lag event, thanks nexon. 26th. 7626 total levels. Jett was originally going to be the 25th, but nexon screwed up their mastery skills by making them not work for a week. Killing stuff was not consistent, dood.
Also, that combo orb(I guess it's called Combo Parade?) almost screwed up my screenshot! It spawned near my character and leveled me up before I could use this ultimate, I think it's called Starfall. Training a Jett wasn't that bad actually, I used Cosmic Upheaval and Backup Beatdown taps. It most likely depends on the map layout.
I'm kind of interested about Jett's Vth job skill. Maybe I'll adVance it after we get the update that reduces the wait time between these items you have to hold on to. playing MapleStory Jett

0 March 20, 2017

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Congratulations! Celebrate with pulled pork enchiladas!

Reply March 20, 2017