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Global MapleStory Hayatos Quick Draw stance bonus glitch


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Requirements: Transform potion (I used Permanent Pink Bean Transform Potion)

It might actually be an old glitch, I don't know, nobody talks about it, so...
But the real question is, is it just visual or real?
Having the crit rate from Quick Draw's bonus thing in Normal stance is pretty awesome, dood. With this supposed glitch, I don't have to rely on Hitokiri Strike's buff for crit rate, because you know, that skill has a dumb cooldown on it now. Stupid-ass nexon.
Some things to note: Blade Flash, Shinsoku, and Battoujutsu Dash is still disabled, well obviously, you're in Normal stance.
Any skill that uses Sword Energy cancels the glitch, Summer Rain, Iaijutsu Phantom Blade, Quick Draw toggle. This is because the stage bonus goes below 5 and resets your character in the proper stance with its correct bonuses applied.
I'd say this glitch is useful during 4th job up until you get Hitokiri Strike hyper enhancements and Vth job skills.

Global MapleStory v197
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0 July 26, 2018

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